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FJ OUTLAW’s Girlfriend: Meet His Girlfriend Jessica Simpson (Latest Updates)

In December of 1986, in the city of Tallahassee, Florida, Justin Mende, also known as FJ OUTLAW, was born. Slim Sommerville and the Southlanders was the name of the country band that his father was a member of. In 1981, they gave a performance at “The Grand Ole Opry” located in Nashville. When FJ was three years old, his family uprooted and moved to the rural area known as “Port St. John.”

His mother gave him his first guitar when he was seven years old. He spent his childhood traveling around from town to town, growing up in low-income trailer parks throughout the country. FJ had already taught himself how to play multiple instruments by the time he was 13 years old and had been a member of several bands.

He started getting into hip-hop music while he was only entering his early adolescent years, and he quickly grew to adore it. Rapping was something that he had experimented with by the time he was in his late teens. Soon enough, he figured out how to incorporate his background in country music, rock and roll, and hip hop into his own unique style and flow.

In the next paragraphs, you will learn all about the girlfriend that Fj has. Continue on to gain more knowledge.

Who Is FJ OUTLAW’s Girlfriend?

fj outlaw girlfriend

It would appear that FJ Outlaw is dating Jessica Simpson, who has been his long-term girlfriend. It is not entirely obvious whether or not the couple is married. It would appear that she works as a model.

In her bio on Instagram, Jessica referred to herself as a “Mom of two girls.” It is reasonable to assume that FJ is the father of the children because he wrote in one of his journals that: “12 years ago today the mother of my child woke me up with the greatest gift a new father could ever get, blows to the face,

it was a whole shitshow and I ended up going to jail even though I was the only one with marks on me due to the fact that she was pregnant with my daughter.” This journal entry was found in one of FJ’s journals. I’ll bet you weren’t anticipating it at all.

However, 12 years have passed. I am sure enough of myself to state that I do not despise her. We went through our share of highs and lows, and it’s possible that we don’t really like each other as individuals, but she is the one who gave me the gift of my daughter, whom I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

She is lot cooler than your kid, and I adore her to the moon and back. Also, I would like to add that she is way cooler than your kid. I hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day! Chloe, I want to express my gratitude to you for being you!

The duo has a lot of adoration from their followers. IG user alexemusique wrote, “You’re very cute guys An additional person by the name of melissabraasch was overjoyed and commented, “Awe totally lovely @fjoutlaw what a way to melt my heart!! She is lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have her. @jessicasimpson ig, we need to get back in touch.

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FJ OUTLAW’s Career

Following the release of his debut extended play (EP) titled “Shotguns N’ Whiskey” in 2016, he went on to release his debut studio album titled “More Trash Than Hick.”

In 2018, FJ parted ways with the record label that had first signed him. After that, he issued his subsequent studio album, which was titled “LIFE OF THE OUTLAW.” 2019 saw the release of three additional albums under his name. Good examples include the mixtape “Lyrical Narcan:

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The Mixtape,” the album “Saltwater Cowboys,” and the album “Phonetic Freshman,” which is his throwback album.

It wasn’t until 2020 that he came out with the album “Label Denounced,” which was all about Eleven86 Music. After that, he became a member of the MAKO Music Group.

Both “Broken” and a Christmas CD were issued under his name in 2021. Both “Hopeless Emotions” and “King of the Trailer” were films that he directed in 2022.

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