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Evan Peters Girlfriend: The Dahmer Series Star Currently Dating Anyone?

Born on January 20, 1987, in the United States of America, actor Evan Peters has a long list of credits to his name. He has starred in numerous films and TV shows, including the FX anthology series Legion and the Wanda Vision series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The mystery of who Evan Peters’ girlfriend is deepened.

Well, thanks to his lover Emma Roberts, he’s suddenly famous.

It’s true that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters dated for a very long time.

In 2004, Evan made his film debut in the drama film Clipping Adam. Additionally, he watched ABC’s sci-fi series Invasion from 2005–2006. In 2012, Peters started dating Emma Roberts.

Evan Peters Dating Life

Very few Hollywood ladies have been Evan’s partners over the years, and he hasn’t been associated with as many as some other celebs. Find out more about Evan Peters‘ girlfriend in the actor’s own words. Evan stated in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan that…

It’s simply that I’m a bit reserved. Dating is not my strong suit. For such a famous person as Evan and such a cute guy as himself to have such a brief dating history seems impossible. Nonetheless, it appears that he values quality over quantity, which is an entirely valid preference.

Apparently, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are no longer an item. Before he found love with Hasley, Evan was in a very unhealthy relationship with Emma. A source has reportedly told US Weekly this information –

An anonymous source said earlier this month, “Evan was so in love with Emma and their relationship got really toxic.” They experienced the greatest lows and silence for days on end. It took him a while to rediscover himself and get back into dating.

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What Is the Reaction of Evan Peters?

Evan, aged 35, has relocated with the singer Hasley, 28. On Sunday, October 20th, this new couple was photographed kissing and holding hands in Sherman Oaks.

According to one report, “Halsey and Evan were at Sweet Butter Cafe in Sherman Oaks” on October 23. You could tell they were a pair just by looking at them. Halsey was having a great time at lunch with her friend. Upon leaving the restaurant, they were seen affectionately embracing one another.

In any case, the Pose star’s loved ones have given their blessing to his new connection, and a source has reportedly stated that –

“Evan’s pals are huge fans of Halsey and think the two of them make a great team,”

Evan and Emma first worked together on the production of the 2012 comic drama film Adult World, and they have since costarred in multiple seasons of American Horror Story.

An altercation between the Scream Queens star and Evan in 2012 resulted in an arrest for domestic assault and a bloody nose for Peters.

Following the incident, they issued a joint statement to US Weekly in which they claimed that –

This whole thing was just a misunderstanding and an unfortunate situation. After being questioned, Ms. Roberts was freed, and now the couple is trying to put the incident in the past.

A trusted confidant was instructed to send word that – at the time.

That scenario got “far out of control” because “Emma is really emotional.”

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Couple’s Instagram Posts

The couple’s relationship hit another snag in October 2017, when a source claimed in a story that Emma was to blame for Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen’s breakup.

An insider claims Bilson, also 38, discovered text exchanges that convinced her Christensen, also 38, was having an illicit relationship with Emma. Little Italy featured both Christensen and Roberts in leading roles as a romantic comedy.

A source at the time told Us that despite the event, Peters and Roberts were “still very much together.”

Us Weekly reported in March that Peters and Roberts had broken off their engagement. One of the sources quoted in the media claimed that –

It looked like Emma and Evan were going to break up, but now they’re just friends. “Evan has left the house. The breakup wasn’t terrible.

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Evan Peters singer Girlfriend Hasley

In September of this year, Evan Peters began dating Hasley. At the celebration of American Horror Story’s 100th episode the following month, the two made their first public appearance together.

The actor was the object of Hasley’s undying affection. She had a funny Twitter crush on him in 2012, and she really liked his American Horror Story character. Unfortunately, in March 2020, the couple announced their breakup after appearing to be going strong for some time.

Hasley has removed all photos of herself and Evan from her Instagram account, however, the reason for their breakup remains unclear.

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