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Who Is Emma D’Arcy Dating? A Look Into The ‘House Of The Dragon’ Star’s Love Life

Strange and occasionally unsettling relationships are front and center in the world of Game of Thrones. This led many to have similar expectations for House of the Dragon upon its release. Fans were left wondering who the actors were dating, especially Emma D’Arcy.

The events of Game of Thrones take place two centuries before the events of House Of The Dragon, in which D’Arcy plays an elder Rhaenyra Targaryen. The heirs of House Targaryen are thrust into the spotlight as the show follows them through a conflict of succession and the eventual demise of their dynasty.

House of the Dragon has averaged 29 million viewers since its premiere, and that number continues to rise each week. However, with such a large audience comes increased fame for the show’s cast members, and this is certainly the case for D’Arcy as they become the focus of speculation about potential romantic interests.

The 30-year-old has been in several films and TV shows before the show, including Wanderlust, in which she co-starred with Australian actress Toni Collette. However, despite their recent stardom, nothing was known about their romantic history until today. Inevitably, their devoted following wants specifics about their amorous endeavors.

We break down Emma D’Arcy’s age, zodiac sign, occupation, and, of course, her romantic involvement in the following sections.

Who is Emma D’Arcy?

Emma D’Arcy is a British actor who trained at the Ruskin School of Art at the University of Oxford. D’Arcy got their start in the theatre and has since performed in a number of plays, such as The Pillowman, Romeo and Juliet, and The Games We Played. D’Arcy has appeared in a number of TV episodes and movies, including Wanderlust, Truth Seekers, and now House of the Dragon, in addition to his work in the theatre.

D’Arcy has previously said that they prefer to use they/them pronouns and has updated their Instagram bio to reflect this preference.

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Does Emma D’Arcy Have a Relationship?

D’Arcy’s relative obscurity in the dating scene can be attributed to their desire to keep their personal life off of social media. They are probably single, however, some people think they are romantically involved with the theatre director Thomas Bailey.

The simple act of perusing Bailey’s tweets has led many to the conclusion that the director is a fan of D’Arcy’s performance in the prequel to Game of Thrones.

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Bailey could be one of the millions of people who enjoy House of the Dragon, but if he solely retweets messages about D’Arcy, it could be a hint that the two are connected, as some have speculated. What’s more, they showed up to the premiere of House of the Dragon together, so there’s that.

Even though D’Arcy hasn’t said they’re dating, it’s possible that he and Bailey are and he’s just being discreet.

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