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How Vibrant Color Can Compliment Your Look

Are you color-shy when it comes to style? For example, if you had a glance at your outfit now, and maybe in your wardrobe, you’d be hard-pushed to find anything that isn’t navy, black, white, or tan?

If that is the case, that is the perfect starting point to be able to add some pops of color.


Start with the weekends if you aren’t ready to add color to your everyday wear. Weekends for many are made for relaxation, kicking back, running errands, hanging out with family and friends, or doing household chores.

If that sounds familiar, then why not do it in a relaxed-fit hoodie? Opt for something with patterns or colors on it – stray from your usual colors.


You don’t need to go for a hot pink if you’re not quite there yet. A t-shirt or a button-down are excellent choices for adding a little bit of color to your everyday outfits. Choosing a high-quality t-shirt will work with jeans, chinos, or dress trousers. Ideal for work or for those days that you might be taking zoom calls all day.

Complementary colors

While there are a lot of colors that clash, you might find that you are in an endless routine of plucking things off the rack, and it is not working out – head to the color wheel.

The opposite colors on the color wheel will work together. Or, work with different tones of the same color. For example, a brown pair of pants will usually always work with forest and dark greens for t-shirts. Or look for shoes that have 2 or 3 colors in them, and match your clothing to that.


Summertime is a great time to swap out your darker colors shirts for something a little lighter and brighter. You don’t need to reach for a Hawaiian shirt if that is too off-track for you. Instead, look for a patterned shirt with a little pop of color that you like. If your trousers and shoes are a solid color or a similar one, let your shirt do the heavy lifting when it comes to adding in some brights.


If bold statement pieces aren’t your thing, invest in brightly colored or patterned socks. For most of the day, they will be tucked away safely under your regular darker garments – and the only time you or anyone else will see them is if you’re crossing your legs or you take your shoes off.

It’s a fun nod to your personality without being something everyone can see.

More is more

Perhaps you are ready to dive into adding color and have a choice in mind. No matter what you want to add in terms of color – there will be plenty of accessories to match. For example, if you choose red as your signature pop of color, red ties, socks, sunglasses frames, gloves, and more can do the work.

Primary colors

Yellow, red, and blue primary colors will work with almost anything else in your wardrobe. Blue and red are the most common choices, so consider adding yellow for something a little different. Yellow works with tans, navy blues, beige, and even black.

Tone testing 

Bring someone your trust along with you, and hold up the items that you are considering to your skin. Some people will find red makes them look ruddy in the face; others will find it makes them look brighter. Working with colors means a few minutes of extra consideration to find the colors that work – and once you find them, you can stick with them!

And finally, it doesn’t need to be bold, bright colors that you choose. You can opt for muted tones and pastels or even have colored stitching in a darker-colored garment. Adding color to your wardrobe can be entirely on your terms, but exploring is always fun.

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