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Roger Waters Net Worth: Is a Co-Founder of The Band Pink Floyd Have a Net Worth of $310 Million?

Singer and musician Roger Waters are well-known for his work with Pink Floyd and as a solo artist. In 1964, he made his debut as a musician, and he hasn’t stopped playing since. He is currently worth an estimated $310 million due to the success of his long-running career and his music’s widespread appeal. Just how did Roger Waters amass such a fortune, though?

Early Life

Great Brookham, Surrey is the place where George Roger Waters was born on September 6th, 1943. When he was just five months old, his father was killed in World War II, and he and his older brother were reared by their mother. Waters participated in many sports during his time in high school.

He planned to become an architect after high school and enrolled at Regent Street Polytechnic to pursue that goal. In this time frame, he befriended Nick Mason and Richard Wright, who would later join Pink Floyd. The year 1963 found the three friends performing regularly as a makeshift band.

What is Roger Waters’ Net Worth?

In terms of wealth, the English musician, singer, songwriter, and composer has a net worth of $310 million. Perhaps Waters’ greatest claim to fame is as a founding member and former bassist for Pink Floyd. After Syd Barrett left the band, Waters took the reins as a primary songwriter and vocalist alongside the other members of Pink Floyd. Waters has experienced a fruitful solo career since leaving the band in the mid-1980s, and he is still doing solo shows today.

Net Worth:$310 Million
Born:September 6, 1943
Height:1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Source of Wealth:Professional Musician
Last Updated: 2022

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Real Estate

Together with Shakira, Roger Waters founded a company in 2006 and used the funds to buy a whole island in the Bahamas. After purchasing the 700-acre island, Waters and Shakira planned to construct a sprawling 5-star resort. Bond’s Bay is a small island located just 125 miles from the Sunshine State. The real estate transaction cost the two musicians $16 million, and many famous people have expressed interest in constructing houses there.

Waters made about $14.5 million upon the sale of three Olympic Tower apartments in New York City in 2006. Roger Waters purchased a $15 million New York City townhouse in 2007 and moved in the following year. The property has been designed to resemble a Louis XVI-era mansion and is furnished with nine original fireplaces and nickel and silver fittings.


The water shifted to bass guitar in 1963 when Bob Klose and Syd Barrett joined the ad hoc group; the group went through several eponymous incarnations before settling on Pink Floyd as its permanent moniker in 1966. Syd Barrett was the band’s initial frontman, but after the release of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, his mental condition rapidly deteriorated. After Barrett left the band in 1968, Waters took the creative reins.

In addition to being a talented musician, Waters also contributed significantly to the band by writing many of their songs. For the next five Pink Floyd albums, including the classic “Dark Side of the Moon,” he was largely responsible for the lyrics. Over 40 million copies of the album were sold after its release in 1973, catapulting Pink Floyd to new heights of economic success. Even in 2005, 8,000 copies of Dark Side of the Moon were being sold per week. Many sources rank it as the number two best-selling album ever.

Another landmark release by Pink Floyd, 1979’s The Wall was inspired in great part by the artist’s life and career. It sold over 23 million copies in the United States, making it the third best-selling album of all time. In 1983, Waters assumed an even more central role in the band’s musical direction. Pink Floyd’s other members (Gilmour in particular) eventually asked Roger to postpone record releases so they could work on their own lyrics and music.

By 1983, Waters had already written a full album, Final Cut, and he was tired of waiting for the rest of the band to catch up. Critics called it “basically a Roger Waters solo album,” however the album was nonetheless published with Waters as the sole creative contributor. Given this context, Roger’s departure from Pink Floyd following the album’s release wasn’t shocking.

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The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, Roger’s debut solo album, was met with mixed reviews upon its 1984 release.

He formally parted ways with the group in 1985 and embarked on a solo career. Waters quickly found himself in the middle of a legal dispute over copyright issues, the usage of the term “Pink Floyd,” and other concerns as a result of the complicated contract signed by Pink Floyd members.

At last, an arrangement was made that would allow Roger to keep his hands on certain lucrative intellectual property. The case drove a further wedge between him and the remaining Pink Floyd members, and for the next two decades, their relationship was all but nonexistent. Waters acknowledged in retrospect that he should not have pursued legal action.

After leaving the band, Roger released his debut solo album, Radio K.A.O.S., in 1987.

The Wall – Live in Berlin, which he put on in 1990, is widely regarded as one of the greatest rock concerts ever. He considers his 1992 album, Amused to Death, to be among his finest works. He set off on a successful tour of the United States in 1999.

Roger Waters finally reunited with Pink Floyd in 2005 for a brief 23-minute performance in London’s Hyde Park. Waters kept on touring for the ensuing few years, typically performing Pink Floyd tunes. Is This the Life We Really Want? was his first solo album in nearly 25 years, and it was published in 2017.

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They tied the knot in 1969, and Roger Waters’ first wife was Judith Trim. Waters and his ex-wife split up in 1975, and the following year he wed Lady Carolyne Christie. After having two children with Roger, Christie and he divorced in 1992. Christie is the niece of the third Marquee of Zetland. Later that year, he tied the knot with Priscilla Phillips; they had one child together before divorcing in 2001. Roger married actress Laurie Durning in 2012, but they were divorced the following year.

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