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Plop Star Net Worth 2022: What Happened to Plop Star after Shark Tank?

Plop Star, an odour-neutralising pill you may take with you, has been acclaimed as the world’s most covert deodorizer. The Plop Star pills use a barrier of essential oils scented with citrus to prevent odors. Simply placing one Plop Star tablet on the plate is all that is required.

Plop Star acts as a buffer between essential oils, masking the odor while also adding a pleasant citrus aroma. Plop Star is an easily transportable bowl rocker that may be used at any time, any place. Plop Star was developed to help those who are uncomfortable using public bathrooms. A Plop Star makes quick work of any mess. Each of the 30 tablets is around two inches in diameter to make handling them simpler.

Amount of Money Plop Star Has

plop star net worth

When Plop Star appeared on Shark Tank, it was worth $1.5 million. Without a deal with the Sharks, Plop Star was the last remaining candidate. Investors believed Tyler Jay did not test the market because of his reputation for being cautious, polite, and subdued. Guest investor Rohan Oza was amenable to a business arrangement. Despite this, he had to contend with the perception that he was defenceless. He also left Plop Star without a signed contract.

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Plop Star’s Pitch to Shark Tank

Despite mixed reactions from the public, Plop Star has seen an uptick in sales since appearing on Shark Tank. The occurrence caused a temporary shortage of Plop Star on the company’s website.

Poor sales and a lack of investor interest doomed Plop Star’s first visit on Shark Tank. It has persevered in expanding its online footprint despite critical acclaim and limited resources.

Without a deal with the Sharks, Plop Star was the last remaining candidate. Tyler Jay said that even though he left the ABC show Shark Tank with little money, he had always wanted to be on the show.

Is the Plop Star Tablet a Smart Investment?

plop star net worth

It may come as a surprise, but Plop Star really has consumers who like the perfumed toilet tablets. Poop science claims that Plop Star tablets can only get rid of solid waste odors. They are only effective against a negligible proportion of odours. Plop Star has only managed to sell around $12,000.

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In the Wake of Shark Tank, How Did Plop Star Fare?

plop star net worth

All Plop Star pills come sealed in individual, see-through plastic bags. Its circumference is almost two inches. Plop Star tablets can be obtained in one of three ways. One is the priciest in a pack of 30, which costs about $12.99. The second container is the Plop Star 30-count tub, which can be purchased for around $14.99. Extra six-packs can be purchased for $4.99. Plop Star tablet packets are available for purchase on both Amazon.com and the Plop Star website.

The investors on Shark Tank, unfortunately, did not approve. Investors were uninterested in Tyler Jay’s initial request for $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company because of the company’s low revenues. Information revealed that Plop Star had only sold $12,000 in goods in the months leading up to the show.

Post-“Shark Tank,” Plop Star saw a rise in sales. Plop Star’s official website is currently sold out of stock, despite the fact that the product is still available on Amazon.com. Jay’s plan is to target both the wholesale and retail markets.

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Plop Star’s Co-Founders

Since Tyler Jay founded Plop Star, a year has passed. He earned a degree in Media Arts from the University of Arizona. Tyler Jay worked at an advertising firm for a while. In 2014, Jay established Tandem Inc. as a production company dedicated to innovative work. Like most people, Tyler Jay avoided using the bathroom outside his home and other public restrooms because he didn’t want to leave a foul odor. Because of this, before opting to create his own solution, Tayler Jay exhaustively searched the market for an existing product that satisfied his requirements.

After being announced in 2015, Plop Star finally made its debut in 2018. The original plan for Tyler jay’s invention was to develop a sprayable liquid deodorant. There is a team dedicated to R&D at Jay. The results of a year of beta testing fell short of expectations. Bath bombs were where Tyler Jay looked for inspiration.

Teammate Tyler Jay came up with the ingenious notion of making a tablet-based, travel-friendly urinal deodorizer. Eventually, after a year of research, testing, formulation, and 37 iterations, a product was ready for distribution.

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