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Phaedra Parks Net Worth: How Phaedra Parks Achieved a Net Worth of $6 Million?

Phaedra Parks is a well-known television personality and entertainment attorney in the United States. Her net worth is estimated to be $6 million. As an attorney and the managing partner of the Parks Group PC, Phaedra Parks has contributed significantly to her current wealth.

Her law practice focuses mostly on representing criminal defendants, as well as athletes and entertainers, in legal disputes and contract negotiations. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast includes Phaedra Parks in additional capacities as well. In the third season of the show, she made her debut appearance there.

Early Life

phaedra parks net worth

Phaedra Parks entered the world on October 26, 1973, in the city of Athens in the state of Georgia. Parks received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan College, a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Georgia, and a degree in mortuary sciences from Jefferson State College. In addition, Parks graduated with honors from all three institutions.

Phaedra Parks Net Worth

Phaedra Park is a well-known television personality and entertainment attorney in the United States. Her total net worth is estimated to be $6 million. The entirety of Phaedra Park’s net worth was amassed through her work as an attorney and as the managing partner of the Parks Group PC.

Her law firm is primarily responsible for managing lawsuits and negotiating contracts on behalf of athletes, performers, and people seeking criminal defense.

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Phaedra Parks Net Worth

Phaedra Parks was successful in gaining employment at Bridges, Ordmand & Faenza, a Geico in-house law firm, upon her graduation from law school. After that, she moved on to have her own clients, the first of whom was a young celebrity by the name of Drama. The drama was incarcerated during the period that he was meant to be on tour.

Phaedra was successful in persuading the judge to allow him to leave on his tour, and she accompanied him on his journey as a form of insurance that he would return to serve out the remainder of his term. Following the conclusion of this case, she began receiving representation requests from a variety of high-profile clients, such as Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Ludacris, and others.

Jezebel Magazine recognized Phaedra as an Attorney of Distinction, and she has served on the boards of the University of Georgia School of Law, the Grammy Recording Board, and the Georgia Collegiate Appellate Program. In addition to that, it is known that she formerly held the presidency of the Gate City Bar Association.

In 2006, Phaedra was honored with the Attorney of the Year award and was featured in publications such as Rolling Out Magazine and The Atlanta Business Chronicle. Before the couple was married in 2009, Phaedra Parks represented her husband in a racketeering case before the charges were brought against him. In the end, he was given a sentence of 18 years in prison, but he only served five.

Phaedra serves as the managing partner of the law company The Parks Group, which is situated in Atlanta. Her areas of legal practice include civil and criminal litigation, entertainment and intellectual property reporting, and other related fields.

Throughout his career, Parks has worked as a legal analyst for a variety of media outlets, including Fox News, NBC, Couty TV, “Extra,” and “Entertainment Tonight.” The American Bar Association has appointed her to serve on the organization’s advisory board.

Through her philanthropic foundation, Save Our Sons, Parks is a social crusader and a champion for the rights of African-American males. The mission of the group is to locate positive male role models for African-American males. Parks has visited the families of homicide victims, including Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, as well as other victims of senseless acts of violence.

Additionally, Parks collaborates with Congress to implement programs that will provide youngsters who are at risk with opportunities. Parks is also active on matters pertaining to civil rights, and he has traveled to towns ranging from Selma, Alabama to Flint, Michigan in an effort to combat social injustice.

Parks is the author of the book “Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment,” which has become an international best-seller. The book provides advice on how to have the elegance, charisma, and self-assurance of a genuine Southern Belle.

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Personal Life

Phaedra Parks Net Worth

After dating for more than a decade, Phaedra finally tied the knot with Apollo Nida in 2009. They are the parents of two sons. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Ayden Adonis Nida, in May of 2010, and their second son, Dylan, was born in August 2013.

Nida was charged with many charges of identity theft and fraud in a court indictment handed down in 2014. Shortly after Nida was taken into custody, Phaedra presented Nida with a divorce petition. Apollo Nida was given a prison term of eight years for his crime.

Real Estate

Phaedra Parks Net Worth

The property that Phaedra Parks and her sons call home is a 10,000-square-foot mansion that costs $3.7 million and is located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. The house contains a total of ten bathrooms and six bedrooms.

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