nail pak net worth

Nail Pak Net Worth: What Happened to Nail Pak’s Net Worth After Shark Tank?

Nail Pak was created by Barbara Lampugnale to eliminate the inconvenience of having to buy numerous separate things for making clogs. As she faced the aforementioned difficulty, she and her six daughters decided to try making their nails one evening. In order to address this issue, Barbara created a solution that contained all necessary components—including the pads and polished nail remover—in a single box. She gave her company the moniker “Duality Cosmetics.”

What is Nail Pak?

nail pak net worth

They would have nail nights when Barbara Lampugnale, who has six daughters, had the idea for Nail Pak. Sunday evenings are when she has her nail nights. To change your manicure, all you have to do is alter your mindset.

Based on 10,000 production runs, a bottle of Nail Pak costs $3 to make and sells for $14.99. Ten months prior to her Shark Tank appearance, she invested $300,000 in the business and filed for a patent.

Her husband works as a developer, but things have been challenging lately. She is on Shark Tank because she does not have any investors.

A bidding war broke out for Barbara Lampugnale’s Nail Pak nail paint kits on Shark Tank. Moreover, this mother of six has an estimated net worth of $850,000 as a result of the product’s success—an all-in-one solution for changing nail color anyplace.

In the Season 3 episode, Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary both wanted a piece of Nail Pak, but Greiner closed the deal with Lampugnale. Greiner agreed to bring Nail Pak on QVC the following day in exchange for $50,000 and a 40% interest.

Indeed, the very next morning, Greiner marketed Nail Pak on QVC, as Lampugnale revealed to Authority Magazine in 2019. Furthermore, 2Paragraphs asserted that after 10,000 bottles were bought, the Nail Pak products on the home buying channel were sold out.

She had Season 2 in mind, but the casting director rejected her after learning that she lacked experience. As a result, Lampugnale told a small white lie and said she already had items when the same casting director approached her again for the Season 3 auditions.

Of course, she replied. “Since all I had were prototypes, this was a slight exaggeration. After we had hung up, I called my parents, who set up a loan for me so that I could exhibit the producer’s products in six weeks. In a matter of weeks, we manufactured 10,000 bottles at an outrageous price. My catchphrase for the following several years was “Fake it till you make it,” to borrow an adage from antiquity.

Since then, the company has changed its name to Grace Nail and then Nail Pak. After talking with her six children, who were one day painting their nails, Babara came up with the idea for Nail Pak.

They found out how difficult it was to take off after wearing it. Barbara came up with the idea of creating a three-in-one item when she presented her ideas to her children, which Paulina described as a million-dollar idea. A unique item called Nail Pak contained nail polish, remover, pads, and a file all in one bottle.

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Nail Pak Net Worth 2022

Barbara responded that it cost her three dollars to complete but brought in fifteen dollars when Robert pressed for the numbers. All of the Sharks were shocked when she added that as of 2020, she had spent $300,000. Mark thought it was amazing how she got the money. Barbara told the Sharks that she saved her husband from his real estate success without the help of any outside investors before the economy tanked. Before their Shark Tank update, Lori and Barbara had already generated close to $750,000 in sales.

Who Is the Founder of Nail Pak?

nail pak net worth

Nail Pak was produced by Duality Cosmetics, which was founded by Barbara Lampugnale. This company produced a product that changed the game, but the results were tragic.

The company was first known as Nail Pak before becoming Grace Nail. One day, as she and her six children were painting their nails, Barbara developed the idea for Nail Pak.

They learned how difficult it was to take off after using it for a long. When Barbara presented the idea to her kids, they thought it would be a million-dollar idea to create a three-in-one product.

One of these occasions led to the conception of Nail Pak nail polish. The idea of having all the components for a manicure or pedicure in a single tiny container made sense to a woman who keeps a lot of nail paint around her home.

Nail polish, a file, and prepared wipes for removing nail polish are all included in each Nail Pak nail paint bottle. A typical nail polish bottle serves as the container for an all-in-one manicure system.

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What Happened to Nail Pak at Shark Tank Pitch?

In episode 314, mother of six and entrepreneur in the nail polish industry Barbara Lampugnale pitches the Sharks on her three-in-one nail paint. Lampugnale is searching for a Shark to help her with product development and promotion.

When Barbara Lampugnale entered Shark Tank, she requested $50,000 for a 20% share in her $250,000 Nail Pak.

She admits to using $300,000 of her own funds for the investment. The Sharks like the fact that Nail Pak only costs $3 to produce yet costs $14.99 to buy.

Robert is excluded since he doesn’t understand cosmetics. Mark thinks it’s a great idea, but he doesn’t want to spend the time hiring a big team to help the product get to market, so he’s also out.

Nail Pak is Lori’s absolute favorite. She makes Barbara an offer of $50,000 in exchange for a 51% stake in the business. She promises that QVC will sell out of Nail Pak.

Kevin enters the fray by offering $50,000 for a 40% interest in the company and stating that he will also bet Nail Pak on television.

Daymond is also invited to join the business by Kevin, and Barbara invites Lori to acquire a 40% ownership position in the company. Lori concurs, but only if she’s allowed to attend one of Barbara’s manicure parties. Barbara accepts and leaves the pitch with a contract.

What Happened to Nail Pak After Shark Tank?

nail pak net worth

After Barbara Lampugnale left the pitch with a deal, Lori’s deal was finished. Shark Tank Blog quoted Lori Greiner as saying that one of the products from episode 314 would be sold on QVC the following Saturday morning.

The item was Nail Pak, and it was nearly gone in an instant! Barbara and Nail Pak make an appearance in an update segment of season 4, episode 410.

Along with its incredible success on QVC, Lori was crucial in getting Nail Pak nail paint on the shelves of more than 500 Ultra Beauty stores nationally.

One of Lori’s most successful Shark Tank success stories, Barbara and Nail Pak are on their road to success. In January 2022, the business was still in business.