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Mike Lindell Net Worth: How Rich Is This American Businessman and The CEO of My Pillow in 2022!

Lindell, Mike A businessman, “My Pillow Guy,” operates. My Pillow was founded by Lindell.

He backs the late President Donald Trump. Trump pushed phony conspiracy theories about electoral fraud in the 2020 election after his defeat in that contest. Since then, he has actively promoted oleandrin, a poisonous plant extract.

Early Life

mike lindell net worth

On June 28th, 1961, Michael James Lindell was born in Minnesota. Minnesota is where Lindell was reared. Growing up, he battled a gambling addiction. After high school, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota. Several months after finishing his studies, Lindell later dropped out.

He developed a cocaine addiction as an adult and regularly used the drug. After switching to crack in the 1990s, his addiction grew more severe.

What Is Mike Lindell’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$50 Million
Born:June 28, 1961
Height:1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Businessman
Last Updated:2022

Mike Lindell is an American businessman, novelist, and executive with a $50 million fortune. The reason Lindell is so well-known is that she founded and invented My Pillow. He is also well-known for being a loud admirer of Donald Trump, and he has contributed financially and promoted conspiracies in favor of Trump’s efforts to rig the 2020 presidential election.

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Mike Lindell Real Estate

Mike Lindell is a devoted supporter of Napoleon Bonaparte, and he exhibits this admiration by purchasing several opulent residences. In Minnesota, Mike Lindell resides in a lavish estate measuring 21,000 square feet. Mike Lindell paid $40 million USD for this property, which is now worth more than $58 million.


In Minnesota, Mike opened a number of small enterprises in the 1980s, including bars, restaurants, and a carpet cleaning company. He created the My Pillow pillow in 2004 and marketed it for several years at trade events, mall kiosks, and state fairs. He founded My Pillow, Inc. in 2009, and the business took off in 2011 after airing its first infomercial.

The $500,000 30-minute program had a daily average of 200 airings and cost $500,000 to produce. According to Lindell, the infomercial “Quickly rose to the top of the global infomercial charts. We increased from having five staff to 500 in 40 days.”

As of this writing, the company has sold more than 50 million pillows, employed more than 1,600 people, and produced a whopping $280 million in revenue annually at its peak. Due to client complaints, the Better Business Bureau removed My Pillow, Inc.’s accreditation in 2017 and reduced its grade to an F.

In 2020, Mike named his son Darren the company’s CEO, and by 2021, many merchants had stopped carrying My Pillow merchandise. While a Bed Bath & Beyond spokeswoman claimed that My Pillow was one of several “underperforming items and brands” the firm opted to drop, Lindell maintains that merchants stopped carrying his products as a result of his allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

It was revealed in March 2021 that Mike will introduce Vocal, a social media site that would blend YouTube and Twitter. He eventually changed his name to Frank due to a disagreement with a business that had created the website Vocal. Frank, which Lindell developed over the course of four years and debuted in April 2021 despite having severe technological issues

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Personal Life

Lizzy, Heather, Darren, and Charlie are the couple’s four children. Mike and Karen Dickey were married on May 9, 1987. Following a 20-year marriage, Lindell and Dickey divorced, and on June 8, 2013, Mike married Dallas Yocum. After Yocum broke up with him, Lindell filed for divorce the following month.

The “Daily Mail” reported in early 2021 that Mike started dating the actress Jane Krakowski for nine months in late 2019. Krakowski’s representative refuted the claim, saying, “Mr. Lindell and Jane have never met. She is not and has never been involved in romantic or other types of relationship with him.”

Additionally, Lindell disputed it and sued the publication. In a March 2021 interview with “The Domenick Nati Show,” Mike claimed that he has been residing in unspecified places out of fear for his safety. He declared, “If someone is looking for me, they should know that I haven’t been back to Minnesota in two months. I’m unable to return there.”

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