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Max Verstappen Net Worth: How Rich Is This Person in 2022!

A racing driver from Belgium and the Netherlands named Max Verstappen was born on September 30, 1997, and he will be the Formula One World Champion in 2021. He drives for Red Bull Racing, which is based in the Netherlands. He is the son of Jos Verstappen.

At the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver to compete in a Formula One race when he was just 17 years and 166 days old. While at Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2015, Verstappen was promoted to Red Bull Racing as a replacement for Daniil Kvyat after four races. When he won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix on his Red Bull Racing debut at the age of 18, he became Formula One’s youngest ever driver and the first Dutch driver to win a Grand Prix. Having won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen became the 34th F1 World Drivers’ Champion. First Dutch driver to win the Formula One World Championship.

Early Life of Max Verstappen:

Max Verstappen Net Worth

Hasselt, Belgium, was the birthplace of Formula One driver Max Emilian Verstappen, who was born on September 30th, 1997. One of Max’s siblings is his younger sister, who was born into an automobile-racing household.
He was born to compete in Formula One, much like his sister. A kart racer by the name of Jos and a driver by the name of his mother raised him. Additionally, Max comes from a family of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series racers, as well.

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Max Verstappen Net Worth:

Max Verstappen is a $60 million-wealthy Belgian-Dutch racing driver. In 2015, at the Australian Grand Prix, he made history by becoming the youngest driver in Formula One history. He was the Red Bull Racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 2021. Max hails from a family of Formula One racers since his father Jos did as well.
In 2015, Verstappen joined Scuderia Toro Rosso before joining Red Bull Racing in 2016. At the age of 18, he became the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix when he won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016.

Net Worth$60 Million
Assets$20 Million
Liabilities & Loans$10 Million
Investments$45 Million
Brand Endorsement Fee$5 Million

Max Verstappen Facts:

  • Birth Place: Hasselt, Belg
  • Father’s Name: Jos Verstappen
  • Mother’s Name: Sophie Kumpen
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Education: N/A
  • Net Worth(2022): $60 Million
  • Salary(2022): $25 Million
  • Age: 24

The Career of Max Verstappen:

max verstappen net worth

In 2013, Verstappen competed in a Formula Renault vehicle at the Pembrey Circuit for the first time in a meaningful race. While testing several Formula Renault vehicles over the next few years, the young driver set impressive lap times and outpaced more seasoned drivers.

2014 saw him compete in his first official racing event, the  Florida Winter Series. To get to Formula Three, he competed in lower categories and quickly won a number of races. He participated in the F3 FIA European Championship for a single season, winning 10 races and finishing third overall. Clearly, Verstappen was prepared to race in Formula One at this stage.

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max verstappen net worth

Since 2020, Max Verstappen has been dating Kelly Piquet, a 33-year-old woman. Piquet, a Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One World Champion, is Kelly Piquet’s maternal great-grandfather. Prior to her relationship with Daniil Kvyat, Kelly Piquet dated Russian Formula One driver Daniil Kvyat. Check Christian Horner’s Salary and Earnings.

Max Verstappen House:

Max Verstappen reportedly paid $40 million for an 11,000-square-foot luxury house in Monaco. The home of Formula One driver Max Verstappen features a gaming area, wine cellar, home theatre, and more. An emergency room, a climate-controlled car dealership, an in-home spa, a lavish beauty salon, and a secret slide passageway are all included in Verstappen’s mansion, which he built himself.

Max Verstappen’s Cars:

max verstappen net worth

Max Verstappen recently purchased a $3 million USD Bugatti Chiron. Max Verstappen also has a $1 million Lamborghini Aventador. Other vehicles owned by Max Verstappen are mentioned below.

  •  Audi R8
  • Jaguar F-Type
  • McLaren 720S
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

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