Jonathan Knight Net Worth

Jonathan Knight Net Worth: A Real-Time Update on Richer Life!

In addition to being a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Knight is also an American vocalist and real estate entrepreneur. While he’s well-known for his new HGTV series Farmhouse Fixer, which began on Wednesday night at 9 pm ET,

Early Life:

On November 29, 1968, Knight was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the fifth of six children. On the other hand, his mother Marlene, and father Allan Knight were born and raised in Ontario. Knight was a member of the church choir as a child and routinely attended the Episcopal church where he grew up. He and his younger brother, Jordan, were both discovered to have an aptitude for singing there.

Jonathan Knight Net Worth:

Jonathan Knight is a well-known American singer with a $14 million fortune. As a member of New Kids on the Block, Jonathan Knight has gained a considerable amount of notoriety. The pop group’s self-titled debut album went triple platinum in the United States, selling over 70 million copies worldwide.

In 1994, during the group’s “Face the Music” tour, Knight departed the band and the band officially disbanded. They were nominated for two Grammys and won two American Music Awards for their work.

after NKOTB, Knight turned to real estate development in his home state instead of pursuing a career in entertainment Farmhouse Fixer,’ his HGTV series, premiered on the network in 2021.

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Formation of New Kids on The Block:

Jonathan Knight Net Worth

His younger brother Jordan Knight is also a member of the New Kids on the Block band, which also comprises Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Joey McIntyre. Before their official split in 1994, Knight was New Kids On The Block’s oldest member, having joined in 1986.

The New Kids on the Block members reunited in the spring of 2008, and he returned to performing. On September 2nd, 2008, they released their seventh album, The Block, their first in fourteen years. On May 16, 2008, they appeared on the Today show together for the first time in fifteen years to confirm their reunion and announce the release of their new album.

A world tour promoting the new album kicked up in Toronto on September 18th, 2008. As a result of the success of “Summertime,” the band’s debut single, the band was able to make it into the top 30 in the United States and Canada. Their second single from The Block, titled “Single,” was released in August 2008.

NKOTB Success:

To escape from Starr’s bubblegum pop sound, the band members took a more active role in the production of their second album. It was 1988 when they launched the single “Please Don’t Go, Girl,” which ascended the Billboard Hot 100 chart all the way to No. 10. Their second album, “Hangin’ Tough,” surged in popularity as a result of the song’s success and the increased airtime the album’s songs were receiving on MTV.

NKOTB had a great run in the early 1990s. Step by Step was their third studio album “Which included more songs created by band members in 1990.’s Toured Europe and Asia in addition to the United States during their time together. While the band was on tour with their fourth album, “Face the Music,” Knight began to suffer from severe anxiety and chose to leave the band.

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Other Professional Pursuits:

Since leaving NKOTB, Knight has had a successful career outside of the entertainment world. ” Instead of pursuing an acting or solo music career like his bandmates, Knight went into business for himself. As a result, he has been able to maintain a successful career in real estate in Massachusetts.

After breaking from NKOTB, Knight began renovating houses and properties as well as selling real estate. He has a particular interest in restoring old farmhouses, including his own. HGTV took notice of his abilities, and now he has his own show, Farmhouse Fixer “The show launched on the network in March of 2021. Renovations of New England farmhouses are the center of this show.

Nkotb Reunion:

NKOTB announced in 2008 that they would be reforming after a series of unsuccessful reunion attempts over the years. “The Block,” their first album in fourteen years, arrived later that year. On the Billboard Top Pop Albums Chart, it debuted at the top spot, followed by a lengthy tour across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Lady Gaga and Natasha Bedingfield accompanied them on their tour.

On tour with other big names like Backstreet Boys, Jordin Sparks, 98 Degrees, Boys II Men, TLC, and Nelly, the band was still going strong. In 2014, a star was placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in honor of them.

A new music video for NKOTB’s song “Boys in the Band (Boy Band Anthem)” was released in 2019, which was a sort of tribute track to a number of popular boy bands from the past. Other boy band members from New Edition, N-Sync, and Naughty by Nature, among others, were featured in the video.

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His father, an ecclesiastical priest, was from Dunnville, Ontario, and his mother is from the same town. Jordan Knight’s brother, among his five siblings.

Jordan Knight, the main vocalist of the boy band New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), is a singer-songwriter and actor whose falsetto style was influenced by The Stylistics in the 1980s and 1990s. Jordan started a solo career after the band broke up in 1994.

Jonathan Knight Wife / Dating

Jonathan Knight Net Worth

Harley Rodriguez was Knight’s girlfriend at the time. Season 26 of The Amazing Race premiered on CBS in early 2015 and featured the two of them. They were given a ranking of 9. They were vacationing in Africa when Knight proposed on November 15, 2016, and the rest is history.