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John Easterling Net Worth: A Real-Time Update on Richer Life!

John Easterling is a businessman and environmentalist who is well-known in the United States. He is well-known as the 70-year-old head of Amazon Herb Company. Olivia, whom he met in 2005 and supported as she fought breast cancer, is now his wife and long-term partner. It was revealed by the couple that Olivia’s battle with breast cancer lasted nearly 29 years. On numerous occasions, Olivia took center stage to gush about her husband John, describing herself as “very lucky” to have him as a rock in her life. John applied the same formula from his plant-based medicines to Olivia’s breast cancer and watched her life for another 29 years.

Early Life:

John Easterling Net Worth

John Easterling’s birthday is April 10th and he was raised in Jupiter, Florida. The identities of John’s parents, siblings, and other close relatives, as well as his past and present educational background, remain unknown at this time. It is known, however, that he completed his degree in Environmental Science at the University of North Carolina.

John Easterling’s Net Worth:

John Easterling stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs about 82 kilograms, giving him a net worth of about $12 million. While John is away from work, his wife is active in the field of social and environmental conservation. This duo was honoured on October 12th, 2011 with the SAFE Water Award for their efforts to maintain the purity of the Amazon. This couple also received the ACEER Legacy Award on October 12, 2012.

John Easterling Career:

John Easterling submitted his application to the Peace Corps after he graduated.

But he quickly left the corps and headed to South America in search of adventure. Quickly after, he began dealing in precious stones and minerals like opals, rose quartz, mountain crystals, etc.

A few years after his initial voyage, he began his first major excavation.

The many ancient textiles and works of art that Christopher Columbus discovered were sold to museums and art galleries. Easterling contracted hepatitis in 1980 and was close to death. After getting better, he went back to work.

In 1990, he started to feel sick while paddling a motorized canoe down a creek. He, therefore, turned around. Easterling made it to a tiny settlement before collapsing there despite being fully worn out.

Fortunately, he was accepted by the tribe who resided in the settlement. Easterling remained in the community for three days while being treated for his illness by the locals. Among other things, they gave him a special herbal drink.

After he started drinking the tea regularly, his condition considerably got better. Both his physical and mental exhaustion from persistent pain was greatly lessened. He immediately understood that the priceless plants were the real prize.

Soon, Dr. Nicole Maxwell, a researcher who had spent more than 40 years seeking Amazonian botanicals, was introduced to Easterling. He traveled with him, and due to their efforts, the Amazon Herb Company was founded in 1990.

The business, based in Jupiter, Florida, has also farmed near the Amazon. Herbs, cosmetics, and herbal goods are all produced and marketed by it.

The business complies with all laws and regulations about sustainable development and environmental preservation. In 2012, the Amazon Herb Company joined TriVita, a global wellness business based in Arizona.

The man made his career and attained the pinnacle of success by seizing a chance in this manner.

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John Easterling: Personal Life & Wife

john easterling net worth

John has married an American singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Olivia Newton-John, since 21 June 2008. Before they started dating in 2006, the couple had known each other for almost 10 years. John invited Olivia to join a canoe jungle trip because of the disappearance of Parick McDermott at the time. They were in an Indian ceremony in Peru and live together in Jupiter, Florida after their marriage.

After nine days of their marriage in Peru, they again exchanged vows on a beach in Florida. However, Olivia previously had dated and married actor Matt Lattanzi in December 1984. With him, she welcomed a daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi in January 1986. Additionally, her daughter is also a singer and actress.

She had not welcomed any children with John, however, the duo spends time together traveling, educating the environment, and healthy living. They also first visited Budapest in mid-March 2010 and introduced the products of Amazon Herb Company. In addition, he had a big break in his life in 1980 due to health issues. At the time, he was diagnosed with contracted hepatitis and rocky mountain spotted fever. Due to the disease, he was near to his deathbed but steadily managed to recover somehow.

John Easterling Houses And Cars:

John Easterling has a fortune in the millions and owns numerous bungalows worldwide.

John, in particular, has bungalows in Jupiter, Florida, and California. He also has more, but he hasn’t revealed where he frequently stays for security reasons.

John has several name-brand automobiles, including BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Audi, and Tesla.

The majority of the homes owned by these couples are valued at $5 million or more and are among the highest-paid homes. In addition, John owns 284 acres across various continents, which he uses to grow herbs for his company, Amazon Herb.

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