Jason Cundy Net Worth

Jason Cundy Net Worth: Journey of This Celebrity from Bottom to Top!

Former professional football player Jason Cundy is an English radio analyst for talkSPORT. He was a defender who played for Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur at various points in the Premier League.

In the Football League, Cundy also played for Crystal Palace, Bristol City, Ipswich Town, and Portsmouth. He scored once while receiving three England U21 caps.

Biography of Jason Cundy

jason cundy net worth

On November 12, 1969, Jason Cundy, a well-known football player, was born in the United Kingdom. Scorpio is Jason Cundy’s zodiac sign, according to astrology.

Former English football defender Jason Victor Cundy, who was born on November 12, 1969, is also a radio pundit. In addition to commentating and presenting for Chelsea TV, he hosts Jason Cundy Kicks Off on London Live and The Sports Bar on talkSPORT. The iconic “Turnip of the Week” portion of the Sports Bar was also co-founded by Cundy.

Throughout his playing career, Cundy represented Chelsea (1988–1992, 41 league matches), Tottenham Hotspur (loan in 1992, 1992–November 1996, 28 games), Crystal Palace (one month loan, 1995), Bristol City (another 30-day loan, 1996), Ipswich Town (after a loan, November 1996–99), and Portsmouth. Schoolboy Jason Hardy was given his name after them when they both scored their own goal on the same day in 1998. Typically, it is assumed that both are of Australian ancestry.

Jason Cundy’s Net Worth:

What is Jason Cundy‘s net worth? A $4 million estimate has been made for Jason Cundy’s net worth. His work as a former professional football player and radio announcer is his primary source of income. The success of Cundy’s career has allowed him to live a life of luxury and take travel in expensive cars. He is among the wealthiest and most well-known individuals in the UK.

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Jason Cundy Career:

jason cundy net worth

Throughout his playing career, Jason Cundy represented Chelsea (1988–1992, 41 league appearances), Tottenham Hotspur (loan in 1992, 1992–November 1996, with 28 games), Crystal Palace (one month loan, 1995), Bristol City (another 30-day loan, 1996), Ipswich Town (after a loan, November 1996–99), and Portsmouth.

Cundy is renowned for the “freak” goal he scored for Tottenham in a Premiership game against Ipswich Town in 1992–1993. He slipped while attempting to kick the ball 40 yards from the goal, but managed a wind-assisted effort that flew past the goalkeeper Craig Forrest and into the goal. The goal, which gave Spurs a 1-0 lead in a game that ended 1-1, was shown live on Sky Sports.

After being forced to retire in 2000 owing to a knee injury, he went on to work as a talkSPORT presenter, frequently joining Ian Danter and Alvin Martin on Football First. While frequently appearing as a presenter/pundit on Chelsea TV, he also occasionally co-hosted Evening Kick-Off, filling in for any regular members.

On weeknights, Jason Cundy hosts Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar alongside Andy Goldstein and Jamie O’Hara. Cundy is well-known for his nightly segment, “Wheel Of Cundy,” in which he relates a tale about a football player he has played with throughout his career who is occasionally identified and other times remains unidentified.

Cundy commentates and hosts for Chelsea TV, hosts Jason Cundy Kicks Off on London Live, and hosts The Sports Bar on talkSPORT. Additionally, Cundy was a founding member of the “Turnip of the Week” Sports Bar’s classic division.

Cundy went on vacation and was unable to host a TalkSport broadcast on Saturday, October 18, 2008, therefore TalkSport radio DJ Andy Goldstein falsely stated that he had drowned after falling off a boat. The following day, some Chelsea Football Club supporters left flowers outside Stamford Bridge in response to the news, which Goldstein later acknowledged was intended as a prank.

On Michael Bublé: Home for Christmas, a holiday special hosted by Canadian artist Michael Bublé, Jason Cundy made a brief appearance in 2011.

He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February 1997, shortly after being transferred to Ipswich Town, and underwent surgery to remove a testicle the following day. His absence from the team was noted as being caused by a shin injury.

Cundy was instrumental in establishing the Suffolk Cancer Campaign, which raised thousands of dollars for cancer research and awareness campaigns. Cundy has also expressed his support for the nonprofit organization Act Against Bullying.

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Private Life:

jason cundy net worth

Hannah Pedley, Jason Cundy’s second wife, and he were wed in June 2015. His mezzo-soprano wife and he are parents to a son. He was wed to his first wife, Lizzie Miller, from 1994 to 2012, and the two produced a son named Joshua Cundy. James Cundy was born to Michael and Lizzie in May 2000 despite his illness. He separated from Lizzie in 2010, and they got divorced in December 2012.