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James Earl Jones Net Worth: How Much Did James Earl Jones Earn from The Star Wars Franchise?

Jones has had a long and fruitful career on stage, screen, and in voiceover, but the character for which he is probably best remembered today is that of Darth Vader, whom he portrayed in the first three films in the Star Wars trilogy.

James has been recognised with several accolades during his career. These include three Tony Awards, a Grammy Award, and an Emmy Award. Jones has been consistently busy in the entertainment business and is a major participant there to this day.

Early Life

james earl jones net worth

James Earl Jones entered this world on January 17, 1931, in the town of Arkabutla, Mississippi. After James Earl’s father left the family to pursue an acting career in New York and Hollywood, his grandparents reared him on a farm near Jackson, Michigan. Jones was among the many migrants who settled in Michigan during the Great Migration.

When Jones first left Mississippi, he had trouble speaking clearly. He was completely deaf and silent until he reached high school. Later on, he was able to overcome his stutter with the assistance of a tutor, albeit he still occasionally stutters.

Jones went to the University of Michigan as a pre-med student after completing high school. On the other hand, the military’s discipline proved irresistible, and he soon found himself enlisted in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

He eventually changed his mind about medicine and enrolled at the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance to pursue acting instead. Since he was unsure whether or not he would survive the Korean War, one of the primary reasons he became engaged with theatre was to pass the time doing something he enjoyed.

Following the conclusion of the Korean War, James Earl Jones was commissioned as a second lieutenant after briefly serving as a stagehand. After graduating from Ranger School, he reported to the Colorado-based Cold Weather Training Command. Before being released, he was promoted to the first lieutenant.

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What is James Earl Jones’ Net Worth and Salary?

In terms of wealth, American actor James Earl Jones (who has a net worth of $40 million) ranks in the top tier. Jones has had a distinguished career in theatre, cinema, and voice acting, but he is arguably best recognized today for his portrayal of Darth Vader in the first three Star Wars films. James has been recognized for his work with several different accolades during his career.


james earl jones net worth

James Earl Jones started out in the business doing theatre in Michigan. As early as 1955, he made an appearance in a stage adaptation of “Othello.” A lifelong passion for Shakespeare’s work was ignited, and by the 1960s, Jones had established himself as a leading Shakespearean actor.

Jones, like many other actors, got his start in the 60s with appearances in films like “Dr. Strangelove” and “The Comedians.” After that, he became well-known for his roles in both the stage production and film version of “The Great White Hope.” Jones voiced Darth Vader in the 1977 film “Star Wars: A New Hope” after appearing on stage and in films including “The Man” and “Claudine.” Then, in “Empire,” and “Return of the Jedi,” he came back as the same character.

Following his success in the theatre, Jones became a leading man in several blockbuster movies of the 1980s, such as “Conan the Barbarian,” “Coming to America,” and “Field of Dreams.” All through the 1990s, he proceeded to star in a number of critically acclaimed films, including “The Hunt for Red October,” “Patriot Games,” and “Clear and Present Danger,” among many others.

During this time, he also made strides in the voice acting industry and became known for his portrayal of Mufasa in “The Lion King.” During this time, he was also a mainstay on shows like “Gabriel’s Fire,” “Roots: The Next Generations,” and “Heat Wave.”

Additional acting opportunities on series including “Law & Order,” “Will & Grace,” “Two and a Half Men,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “The Simpsons” accumulated over time. Jones returned to his theatre roots in the 2010s.

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James Earl Jones Earned a Lot from The Star Wars Franchise

james earl jones net worth

One of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry, James Earl Jones has starred in countless films, TV shows, and stage productions. He has won three Tony Awards, a Grammy, and an Emmy, among other honors. His career in show business spans several decades.

The 91-year-net old’s worth is estimated to be $40 million by CelebrityNetWorth. His acting career has provided the bulk of his income, with his role as Darth Vader in 1977’s Star Wars contributing significantly to that total.

James Earl Jones was unsure about the film’s chances of success when he was cast in it. After spending a few hours in the studio recording his lines, the film’s star was paid $7,000. This was his share of the film’s gross revenues. According to Jones, any money he received was “good money.”

Jones sustained a significant financial loss in comparison to Star Wars’ box office take of around $775 million.

Jones first appeared on Broadway in 1957, and he made his film debut in the black comedy Dr. Strangelove, released in 1964. In the 1980s and 1990s, he was in a number of critically and financially acclaimed films, such as Conan the Barbarian, Matewan, Coming to America, and The Lion King. The 2019 adaptation of The Lion King features him as Mufasa, and Coming 2: America features him as King Jaffe Joffer.

Othello, Hamlet, Coriolanus, Fences, and many of his other plays have been performed all over the world and earned him acclaim as a dramatic actor.

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james earl jones net worth

Actress Julienne Marie became the first spouse of James Earl Jones in 1968. Their divorce came after four years of marriage. Jones wed fellow actress Cecilia Hart in 1982. Before Hart’s death from ovarian cancer in 2016, the couple had a single child.

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