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Fred Durst Net Worth: Know the Controversy and Relationship

An American musician and director by name of Fred Durst is worth $20 million. The reason Durst is most well-known is likely because he fronts the Nu-Metal band Limp Bizkit. Limp Bizkit is regarded as one of the forerunners of the Nu-Metal subgenre in the early to mid-1990s, alongside groups like Slipknot and Korn. In addition, Fred Durst has made a name for himself as a filmmaker, having both directed and starred in a number of movies.

Early Years

William Frederick Durst was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on August 20, 1970. His family transported him to Cherryville, North Carolina, then to Orlando soon after his birth. Fred was raised on a farm up until the fifth grade. The following year, he and his family relocated to Gastonia, North Carolina, where he finished high school. Fred Durst was brought as a Wiccan throughout his entire childhood.

By the age of 12, Durst had developed an obsession with hip hop. He picked up skills in skateboarding, beatboxing, rap, breakdancing, and deejaying. But he also developed a passion for punk rock and heavy metal. Fred Durst entered the US Navy after graduating from high school but quit after only two years. Durst began working as a landscaper and tattoo artist after returning to live with his father in Jacksonville. He began toying with the notion of starting a band that combined rock and hip hop into one genre about this time.

Lemon Bizkit

Limp Bizkit was formed in 1994 when Fred Durst joined forces with Sam Rivers, John Otto, and Wes Borland. Because they wanted to aggressively dissuade listeners from listening to their music, they chose the moniker. In the underground scene, early successes like “Straight Up” started to go bonkers. Durst took the group to his residence and played them some Limp Bizkit demo CDs when Korn performed in their city. This prompted Limp Bizkit to sign with Korn’s label.

Wes Borland left Limp Bizkit, and DJ Lethal joined. They obtained a second record deal and issued their debut album, “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all,” in 1997. Durst became Interscope Records’ Senior Vice President of A&R despite the album’s failure. Durst then began working with other bands, including Soulfly and Korn. At this time, he also began to work as a film director, creating music videos for Limp Bizkit.

After the 1999 release of “Significant Other,” Limp Bizkit experienced significant growth in popularity. The album’s distinctive sound was lauded by critics, and it peaked at number one on the charts. The publication of “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” in 2000, however, marked their real ascent to fame. Within a week of its release, “Chocolate Starfish” reached platinum status; eventually, it reached five times platinum. Despite the varied reviews from critics, it was unquestionably one of the most important albums of the late 1990s.

Following its breakthrough, Limp Bizkit set out on extensive tours. Particularly at Woodstock in 1999, there were major incidents of violence and sexual assault while Limp Bizkit was performing. One kid perished in a mosh pit at an Australian concert in 2001 from asphyxiation. Durst was a staunch supporter of file sharing, therefore Napster also paid for one of the band’s tours. The trio later released a greatest hits CD in addition to the underground album “The Unquestionable Truth.”

Durst turned his attention to pursuing a career in filmmaking after Limp Bizkit took a break. Prior to helming “The Education of Charlie Banks,” he acted in “Population 436.” In 2008, he released “The Longshots” as a follow-up. After reuniting in 2009, Limp Bizkit went on tour for several years with different bands. Durst began helming “The Fanatic,” a movie with John Travolta, in 2018.

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In 1990, Fred Durst had a child with Rachel Tergesen, his first wife. Durst has a second child with Jennifer Thayer, an ex-girlfriend. Esther Nazarov was his second spouse, however, they divorced in 2009 after only three months of marriage. Durst wed Kseniya Beryazina in 2012. In 2018, they ultimately filed for divorce.


Over the years, Fred Durst has drawn criticism for a variety of reasons. He started the process of getting a Russian passport in 2015 and began to speak affectionately of Vladimir Putin. Fred Durst was denied entry to Ukraine as a result of his remarks. Later, all Limp Bizkit music and merchandise were prohibited from being sold in Ukraine.

Durst has no problem criticizing other musicians in public. He first made disparaging remarks about other musicians in 1999, when he called Slipknot fans “fat” and “ugly.” Frontman Corey Taylor responded by pointing out that Durst was likely disparaging his own followers because the majority of Slipknot fans were also Limp Bizkit fans. Additionally, Fred started a long-running argument with the band Placebo, and he once urged the audience to chant “Placebo stinks” before they took the stage.

Eminem, a former close friend of Durst, also criticized him. After Eminem and Everlast started fighting, Durst intervened and started attacking Eminem. As a result, Eminem issued the “Girls” diss track directed at Fred Durst in 2001. In 2018, Shaggy 2 Dope, a member of the Insane Clown Posse, tried to dropkick Durst while he was performing. Later, Shaggy insisted that the entire incident was a dare and that he never intended to harm Fred. Durst responded by labeling him a “clout chaser.”

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Actual Estate

Durst listed his Hollywood Hills property for sale in 2015 with a $1.645 million asking price. The house, which has over 3,000 square feet of living space and a wine cellar, was first built in the 1920s. Just one year earlier, Durst paid $1.5 million for the property.

In the middle of wildfires in 2018, Fred posted on social media that his other home in California had “burned down.” He lost the majority of his belongings, including numerous expensive items of audio recording equipment.

Fred spent $3 million buying a house in West Hollywood, California, in July 2021.

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