Don Mclean Net Worth

Don Mclean Net Worth: How American  Singer-Songwriter Become so Rich? Latest Update!

Donald McLean III is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who was born on October 2, 1945. His 1971 smash song “American Pie,” an eight-and-a-half-minute folk rock “cultural touchstone” about the early rock and roll generation’s loss of innocence, made him famous. His other top-charting songs include “Vincent,” a song about Vincent van Gogh, “Dreidel,” and “Wonderful Baby,” as well as his covers of “Crying” by Roy Orbison and “Since I Don’t Have You” by The Skyliners.

Elvis Presley, Perry Como, Helen Reddy, Glen Campbell, and other artists have all covered McLean’s classic “And I Love You So.” In 2000, Madonna’s cover of “American Pie” became popular.

McLean was admitted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004. “American Pie” and “Vincent” received five million and three million airplay, respectively, according to BMI certifications issued in January 2018.

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

don mclean net worth

Elizabeth and Donald McLean welcomed their son Don into the world in New Rochelle, New York, in 1945. He has Italian ancestry from his mother’s side and Scottish ancestry from his father. Teenage McLean developed a passion for folk music. Due to his childhood asthma, he regularly missed school, yet his love of music persisted. When he was 16 years old, he bought his first guitar and began networking with folk performers like the Weavers’ Erik Darling and Fred Hellerman.

Following his graduation from Iona Preparatory School in 1963, McLean enrolled at Villanova University but left after only four months. He then became linked with agency Harold Leventhal and Herb Gart, who would later become his 18-year personal manager. McLean performed at different venues and occasions across the nation during the following six years.

Returning to his study, McLean earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Iona College in 1968. Later, he declined a scholarship from the Columbia University Graduate School in order to focus on his musical career.

He began to attract a wider audience when he traveled through the communities along the Hudson River with the help of a state grant. McLean had a close relationship with Pete Seeger around this time and joined him on his Clearwater boat journey to raise awareness about river pollution. Later, they collaborated on the folk ballad “Shenandoah” on the 1974 Clearwater album.

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What is the Net worth of Don McLean?

don mclean net worth

As a singer-songwriter in the US, Don McLean has a net worth of $50 million. The successful songs “American Pie” and “Vincent” from Don McLean’s 1971 album “American Pie” are his most well-known works. Among McLean’s other top songs are “Dreidel,” “Wonderful Baby,” and cover versions of “Crying” by Roy Orbison and “Since I Don’t Have You” by The Skyliners. In 2004, McLean was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Early recording career and “American Pie”: McLean’s debut album, “Tapestry,” which was recorded in Berkeley, California, in the midst of the student uprisings in 1969, was released in 1969. After being rejected by various labels 72 times, the record was finally released by Mediarts.

McLean released his second album, “American Pie,” after Mediarts was acquired by United Artists Records, catapulting him to global fame. Two number one smash singles were produced from the album: “Vincent,” a song dedicated to Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch artist who lived in the 19th century, and “American Pie.”

The sad deaths of Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson, and Ritchie Valens in a 1959 plane crash served as some of the inspiration for the latter song, an 8.5-minute ballad on the loss of innocence and the development of American youth culture. This song, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972, is still McLean’s most well-known and popular release.

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Subsequent Recordings:

Don Mclean Net Worth

Following the success of “American Pie,” McLean released his third album, “Don McLean,” featuring musicians from the first. “Dreidel,” which peaked at number 21 on the Billboard chart, and “If We Try,” which peaked at number 58, were two of the album’s songs. In 1973, McLean’s fourth studio album, “Playin’ Favorites,” was published.

A top 40 smash in the UK, it included covers of Buddy Holly’s “Every day” and the Irish folk standard “Mountains of Mourne.” McLean’s final recording for United Artists, “Homeless Brother,” was released in 1974. The Persuasions, Cissy Houston, and Pete Seeger all contributed vocals, and it featured New York session musicians.

In 1977, McLean recorded the album “Prime Time” while working at Arista Records. Later, he released “Chain Lightning,” a song that he had collaborated on with Elvis Presley’s backing singers to record in Nashville. In 1981, the album peaked at number 28; its cover of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” peaked at number 5 on the singles chart.

Early in the 1980s, McLean’s singles “Since I Don’t Have You,” “Castles in the Air,” and “It’s Just the Sun” all found success on the charts. His album “Love Tracks,” which had country influences, yielded the hit singles “Love in My Heart,” “You Can’t Blame the Train,” and “Eventually” in 1987. The Western Album, “Headroom,” “The River of Love,” “You’ve Got to Share Songs for Children,” and 2009’s “Addicted to Black,” his first album of totally original songs in 14 years, are among his later releases.

Achievements and Awards of Don McLean

He had a successful music career, but other than being admitted into the “Grammy Hall of Fame” in 2002, he was unable to garner any other awards or accolades. In 2004, he was also admitted to the “Songwriters Hall of Fame.”

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Personal Life:

Don had a history of unstable relationships in his private life. He tied the knot with Carol Sauvion for the first time in 1969. Before divorcing in 1976, they were together for seven years.

He wed Patrisha McLean in 1987. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2016 with acrimony. The divorce was brought on by domestic violence. Even as a result of Don’s acts, he was detained. The couple has two kids together.

Real Estate:

Don Mclean Net Worth

Camden, Maine’s 300-acre estate serves as Don McLean’s permanent house. He also has a number of residences in California.