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The Honeymoon Trailer Gives Us a Glimpse of the Comedic Starring Maria Bakalova!

Lionsgate has released the official trailer for The Honeymoon, the upcoming adventure comedy centering around a newlywed couple whose romantic trip to Venice gets gatecrashed by the groom s clumsy best friend. The film is scheduled to arrive in select theaters and on VOD on December 16.

The video shows how Adam’s best friend Bav accidentally destroys a drug lord’s prized art collection, ruining Adam and Sarah’s honeymoon. The attractive mobster who appears to have fallen for Sarah holds her captive as Adam and Bav bring drugs to pay for the damage.

Here is the official trailer for “The Honeymoon”:

Dean Craig is the author and director of The Honeymoonis (Death at a Funeral, Love Wedding Repeat). Oscar nominees Maria Bakalova, Asim Chaudhry, and Pico Alexander take the lead roles in the movie. They are joined by Lucas Bravo, Michele Enrico Montesano, and Marco Valerio Montesano.

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According to the summary, Adam takes his newlywed Sarah to Venice for a honeymoon. But when Adam invites his best friend Bav along, Bav unleashes a slew of disgusting mishaps. Giorgio, a charismatic criminal, falls for Sarah and dispatches Adam and Bav on a drug-dealing trip across the border to get rid of them. Can they escape the Slovenian police, avoid being shot by the bad guys, and return before Sarah finds a wealthy new gangster boyfriend? Notorious Pictures’ The Honeymoonhails is produced by Guglielmo Marchetti. Additionally, Bakalova and Piers Tempest are the producers.

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