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“The Devil’s Conspiracy” Hints at a Showdown Between “Michael” and “Lucifer for Trailer!

Samuel Goldwyn Films has dropped the official trailer for The Devil Conspiracy, the upcoming sci-fi adventure horror movie that is scheduled to arrive in theaters on January 13, 2023. The video teases the supernatural war between Archangel Michael and Lucifer, as the king of hell s followers steal Jesus’ DNA from a religious artifact in an attempt to make their own anti-Christ.

In a statement, Peter Goldwyn expressed excitement about bringing The Devil Conspiracy to moviegoers the next year. This dramatic and epic portrayal of the conflict between heaven and hell is sure to delight viewers.

The Devil Conspiracy

Nathan Frankowski is in charge of directing The Devil Conspiracy, which was written by Ed Alan. The Theory of Everything’s Alice Orr-Ewing, Salem’s Joe Doyle, Summertime Blues’ Eveline Hall, The Incredible Hulk’s Peter Mensah, Across the Universe’s Joe Anderson, Brian Caspe’s Jojo Rabbit, and James Faulkner all appear in it (Atomic Blonde).

Below is the trailer for The Devil Conspiracy.

A strong biotech corporation has developed ground-breaking technology that enables them to clone the most significant figures in history with only a small amount of DNA. The summary claims that a group of Satanists is behind this business and that they stole the shroud of Christ, giving them access to Jesus’ DNA. The clone will act as the devil’s supreme sacrifice. When Archangel Michael visits Earth, he is determined to put an end to the devil’s plot.

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Kevan Van Thompson, Vaclav Mottl, Michael Emerson, and Mike Sears all served as executive producers for The Devil Conspiracy, which was also produced by Ed Alan.

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