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Exclusive Christmas in the Caribbean Clip Shows a Warm-Hearted Holiday!

Christmas in the Caribbean, the upcoming holiday rom-com directed by Philippe Martinez. The film is now playing in theaters and through video-on-demand.

According to the movie’s premise, “Rachel, a hopeless romantic, has her wedding dreams poof into the crisp, late-December air when she spots her fiance speeding out of the church minutes before he says I do. Amanda and Rebecca, two of her bridesmaids, make the inebriated decision to save her perfectly wonderful honeymoon. The women take out for the islands in a jet, eager to unwind in the sand and water. Allesandro, a dashing restaurateur, joins them for their very first evening supper, and Rachel and he immediately hit it off.

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Here is a clip from Christmas in the Caribbean that is unique.

Philippe Martinez and Nathalie Cox both contributed to the writing and directing of Christmas in the Caribbean. Elizabeth Hurley, Caroline Quentin, and Nathalie Cox are its main actors. The movie is currently showing in cinemas and on demand.

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