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Black Panther vs. Santa Claus at The Box Office!

Marvel s epic Black Panther: Wakanda Forever maintained its position at the top of the domestic box office this weekend, clawing its way to $17.59 million in its fourth frame. All told, the superhero flick has amassed an incredible $393.7 million domestically and $733 million worldwide. While the sequel is miles away from the original Black Panther s $1.382 billion worldwide gross, it s running 6 percent ahead of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, according to Deadline. Wakanda Forever has one more week to itself before James Cameron s Avatar: The Way of Water sweeps into theaters on Dec. 15.

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Unexpectedly, Universal/87 North’s “Violent Night” garnered an outstanding $13.3 million in its opening weekend, just shy of the $16.2 million total the studio racked up with “Krampusback” in 2015. This is undoubtedly a triumph for Universal given the film’s R-rating, and it will be intriguing to watch how far this Santa Claus can soar in the coming weeks. The movie made $20.3 million worldwide.

Black Panther Battles Santa Claus

Overall, the weekend was relatively calm, and the upcoming releases (apart from Avatar) seem small in comparison to prior years.

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Domestic Top 10 Box Office Results:

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Dis), 3,855 (-435) cinemas, Friday $4.4M (-76%)/3-day $15M -$16M (-66%)/Total: $392M/Week 4

2.) Violent Night (Uni), Fri. $4.86M, Mon.

3.) Strange World (Dis) 4,174 cinemas, Friday $1.08M (-78%)/3-day $4.4M (-64%) $25M/Wk 2 in total

4.) 2,810 (-418) theatres showing The Menu(Sea) Fri $1.04M (-49%), $3.6M (-33%), and a total of $24.7M/week 3

5.) Devotion (Sony), 3,405 theatres, Friday $835K (-66%), and the three days $2.8M (-53%). $14.80M/Wk 2 in total

Black Adam (NL): 2,231 (down 433) theatres, Friday $375K (down 70%), three days $1.4M (down 57%) Total $164.9M/week

7.) I Heard the Bells (Fath), 955 theatres, $430K on Friday, $1.35M on Saturday.

8.) Bones and All (UAR), 2,727 theatres, Friday $385K (-54%), three days $1.27M (-44%), total $6.1M/week 3

9.) 638 theatres for The Fabelmans (Uni/Amb) 3-day $1.07M (-53%) and Friday’s $340K (-61%). $5.3M/Wk in total

10.) Ticket to Paradise (Uni) 1,715 (-523) theatres, Friday $240,000 (-66%), and three days $790,000,000 (-58%) $76.4M/Wk total

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