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Lifestyle Hacks For Staying Fit With Type II Diabetes

Celebrity transformation stories can be extremely inspiring. They remind us that if they can do it, so can we. This rings especially true if the celebrity in question goes through the same struggles we do.

Take renowned American music critic Randy Jackson. In our feature on his before and after transformation, we revealed that Jackson used to be obese — and was inspired to live a healthier life after he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. He’s now lost over 114lbs and continues to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle today.

You’re not alone if you’ve similarly been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Over 90% of people with diabetes in the UK have Type II diabetes — and a whopping 1 in 10 UK adults might have diabetes by 2030.
This means that you can find the support — and information — you need to stay fit, even with Type II diabetes. All you need to do is keep reading to discover some handy lifestyle hacks to help you regain control of your condition, your body, and your health.

Move more

Exercise boosts your body’s ability to control its blood glucose levels. Not exercising may also heighten your risk of developing some Type II diabetes-related complications. These can affect your heart, eyes, and kidneys. You don’t need to instantly dive into hardcore exercises like CrossFit to get started — just move. Bike short distances instead of driving your car. Start with quick 10-15 minute workouts a few times a week. Even a 5-minute stroll every hour can work wonders. Simply commit to moving a little bit more, day by day.

Build productive self-care habits

Ultimately, this is about managing your stress more productively. Upon encountering stressful situations, many people turn to food, cigarettes, or alcohol — and this can exacerbate your diabetes even further. Consider replacing these habits with ones that are not only healthier, but make you feel better as well. The best can even be considered self-care. For example, you can relieve stress by having a scented bath, reading your favourite book, working on your car, or experimenting in the kitchen. If the activity is something you love, avoiding your old habits won’t seem like much of a chore.

Lose weight — the right way

This can help your body control blood glucose levels even more. Although you can exercise more, it’s important to consider your diet as well. Don’t worry, as you don’t need to follow a fad diet, count calories, or fast excessively. The best doctor-recommended weight loss programmes are tailored to your body’s specific needs and your own personal preferences. Here, you can load up on diabetes-controlling food that’s full of fibre and protein — but still eat what you want. Setting goals to lose 1-2lbs per week can help a lot and are made much easier with this personalised perspective on weight loss.

See your doctor regularly

If you try the hacks listed above, you won’t truly know if they’re working until a doctor tells you so. That’s why the NHS recommends visiting your GP every 6 months, or every 3 months if you’ve just been diagnosed. It’s also important to do an annual check to see if your vision blurs or your feet display abnormalities like cuts or bruises — in which case you should visit your GP immediately. Regular checkups will also help detect further health complications before they happen.

Having Type II diabetes can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle despite it. Hopefully, these hacks help you create a lifestyle that makes you look good and feel even better.

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