Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency: Ways to Maximize Laptop Efficiency

People adore laptops. They are productive, strong, and portable. However, some of us cannot afford to purchase the latest laptop models each year. Some of us—in fact, the majority of us—hold onto our laptops until they cease to function. Even then, we continue to look for methods to squeeze out one last bit of usage from them.

How can you make your worn-out laptop last longer? How can you get a new one while saving some money? And what are the crucial pointers and techniques you need to be aware of to keep your laptop operating efficiently?

We’ve come up with five simple methods to lower laptop costs or extend the life of an outdated laptop. Start with these recommendations to maintain your laptop so that it remains in peak condition:

Expand Storage with Cards

Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

You desire a stylish new UltrabookTM, but you are somewhat constrained for funds. You can observe that different versions have a range of pricing, primarily due to storage options. Here’s a piece of advice: avoid adding extra costs by purchasing an expensive laptop. Accept a smaller hard disc and supplement it with external hard drives or SD cards to increase your storage. Consider purchasing a laptop with a 128GB SSD, such as the Acer Aspire Switch 11.

A similar laptop with a 512GB SSD is available, although it costs around $300 more. Instead of putting something down right away, take this into account. If your device has an SD or MicroSD slot, you can add up to 128GB of additional storage (it must be able to accommodate SDXC or microSDXC cards), and if it has a USB port, you can add up to 128GB of Flash storage via a USB stick (get low-profile micro transceivers so that the card doesn’t stick out and interfere with regular everyday operation, as shown below). For approximately $100, you can add 256GB of memory to the 128GB you already have. Why spend money on a larger hard drive when you can replace these drives with ease

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Your Pets Could Be a Problem

Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

We know you love them. Nothing is more enjoyable than using your laptop as H.R. Fluff’n’Stuff curls up on the desk next to you or playing tennis with a Chihuahua-Saurus Rex between sessions. The air, speaker, or peripheral vent on the side or bottom of your laptop is typically where all that pet hair (as well as dryer lint, loose hair, and plain old dirt) ends up.

Older laptops are more susceptible to this; modern Ultrabooks and their ilk are constructed with unibody designs, which keep the fluff out. But if you do have pet dander in your life, you should occasionally use a can of compressed air to blast it into those vents. The most common cause of internal short-circuiting and heat flares in laptops is a buildup of pet hair and other debris particles. And as we all know, a heat flare is much more difficult to recover from than H.R. Fluff’n’Stuff’s disapproving gaze.

Kitchen Hacks

Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Life hacks that demonstrate how to use common items to stay organized are all over the Internet, in my experience. The one that I find the most useful—and you will too—is utilizing huge industrial-sized binder clips to keep your cords attached to your desk. Some of them are charming, like using the plastic squares on bread packages to name your cords and the sticky side of a Post-It® to clear out your keyboard.

Why the hack? It’s because I detest having to search for the peripheral cord when I arrive home after detaching it from my laptop and having it shimmy down the back of the desk. It’s irritating. It is tedious. It’s also bothersome. The huge binder clip is instead fastened to the desk, and the cord is then threaded through the metal loop at the other end.

Put a piece of felt around the desk edge where the clip will be if you don’t want to destroy a beautiful desk. Get clamps that fit your USB or power cords as well. Although not all cables can be made to function using this approach, oh, the number of backaches I’ve saved by not scouring the desk for misplaced cords.

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Save Your Battery

Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Nothing is more irritating than a laptop with a short battery life rating. Who wants to complete a day’s worth of work? You should demand all-day battery life because you want it. I wish you luck with that. Always look at a product’s rated battery life when buying a new laptop. If you already own a laptop, take into account the following advice.

Turn on battery-saving mode all the time. One should be hidden away in the programs or applications that came with your laptop. Many can be altered as well, allowing you to combine useful usage with energy-saving techniques.

The display is dimmed. The battery killer is this. If you’re traveling cross-country and the cabin is sufficiently dark, you might want to consider dimming your display.

Don’t Eat or Drink Near Your Laptop

Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks and Tips for Maximum Efficiency

I am aware of your thoughts. I don’t need to be informed of this. You’d be shocked, though, at how quickly we forget. How often have you been to a coffee shop and watched individuals tapping away at laptops while drinking half-caffeinated double soy protein-infused lattes and eating enormous blueberry muffins?

The keyboard on a laptop is integrated and located just above some very important components, in contrast to the keyboard on a desktop computer, which can be readily replaced. When you add it to your half-caf, you’re looking at buying a replacement laptop at full price rather than just a keyboard.

So here are five simple laptop tips and tactics to help you either consider when buying a new laptop or extend the life of your current laptop. They might not be millionaire money-savers, but it’s still wise wisdom to have and to share with others who are just starting out with laptops, such as your new college student or your technologically challenged parents. Good fortune!