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Storage Hacks:15 Superb Hacks You Have to Know!

The stories we tell about our time spent stowing away change with time. At one point in time, there may not be enough room in the bedroom for a dresser, therefore it will have to be kept in a closet.

The next thing to do is to think about whether or not you want to move your pantry products into matching modular canisters. It’s inevitable that you’ll start actively seeking out and spending money on bins, crates, and other convenient storage containers that claim to resolve every imaginable storage problem. However, there is no justification for it.

1. Install Plastic Pant Hangers on The Wall and Use Them to Suspend Chip Bags from The Wire Shelves.

storage hacks

Don’t waste money on a chip clip when you can make one out of a hanger instead. To make room on the actual shelf, you can suspend the bags of chips from the ceiling.

2. Use the Space Behind the Doors of Your Bathroom Cabinets by Placing Storage Bins There

Spaces concealed by doors are ideal for stowing away excess items. Wire baskets mounted on the insides of bathroom cabinet doors are a practical storage solution for frequently used items like a hair straightener and styling supplies.

An over-the-door shelf unit is an excellent alternative to drilling holes in the wall or damaging the doors of a rental.

3. a Lazy Susan to Avoid Having Empty Corners in Your Pantry

storage hacks

When items are neatly lined up near the corners of the pantry, you end up with a square of wasted space or an odd, hard-to-reach arrangement. If you install a lazy Susan in your pantry, you can change that dead space into one of the most useful places to store and access your food.

4. Rolling Plant Stands Can Be Used to Store Small Appliances

Are you tired of hunching over and straining your neck to peruse the slow cookers, air fryers, and Instant Pots that line the shelves? Putting them on cheap mobile plant stands is a smart way to save room in the kitchen and avoid moving about the little appliances.

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5. Keep Board Games in A Closet Hanging Organiser

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You can build shelves to store your board game collection if you’re willing to think outside the box, invest a little amount of money, and require no special tools. Use a ceiling-mounted closet organizer to quickly construct shelves and keep all of your board games off the floor and in one centralized spot.

6. Use a Silverware Holder as A Jewellery Holder and Hang It from The Wall

Or, gaze up at the sky and see what you can make out. You may hang your necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry from the wall by attaching mug hooks to the interior of a drawer organizer.

7. In a Wine Rack, of Course!

Exercise equipment is bulky and awkward to store in a small house. A wine rack is a perfect size for concealing the weights you use along with your workout movies. You should bury them amid the bottles so nobody will ever find them (or vice versa).

8. Put Christmas Decorations in Egg Cartons

storage hacks

Small ornaments can be neatly organized and stored in egg cartons. The sturdy box protects them from crushing thanks to the separation and cushioning it provides.

It’s a bonus that egg cartons can be stacked on top of each other, making this cost-free solution for stowing away seasonal decor all the more attractive.

9. Put a Pair of Ikea Shoe Racks to Good Use by Transforming Them Into a Makeshift “linen Closet.”

Do you wish you had more room to store your towels and sheets? The IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet is a cheap, beautiful, and space-saving choice for storing and displaying shoes. Rolling your towels is an easy way to save room in your linen closet.

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10. Wrapping Paper Can Be Neatly Tucked Away in An Ikea Bag Holder until It’s Needed

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You could use an under-bed storage container or lean them up against the wall in a corner of your closet, but the rolls of wrapping paper will be more accessible and less likely to topple over if you use IKEA’s VARIERA to file them.

11. To Store Baking Sheets Vertically, Use Tension Rods.

Stacking pots and pans is a certain way to get a fire going. You may store baking sheets, muffin pans, and platters vertically by using tension rods to create slots in your kitchen cabinets, making it easier to see what you have and get what you need without having to unstack everything on top of it.

12. Toss Off Those Cookie Tins and Use Them as (very) Old-Fashioned Sewing Boxes

Join the thousands of people whose family members also used biscuit tins as a sewing baskets. You’re probably right to feel bad about trashing the tin after the cookies are gone.

This sturdy and well-shaped receptacle is ideal for stowing away your thread, needles, buttons, and other basic sewing supplies. It’d be great for storing batteries or a first aid kit, among other small household items.

13: Organize Your Food Storage Lids with A Bin and A Cooling Rack

The best way to keep track of all of your various food storage lids is to get a plastic storage bin and a drying/cooling rack of the same size from your local organizing supply store.

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14. Variera Containers Are Perfect for Storing Cleaning Supplies

storage hacks

If you’re ever in IKEA, you should definitely pick up a handful of these three-dollar wonders. VARIERAs aren’t just great for storing plastic shopping bags, yoga mats, and wrapping paper; they’re also great for storing and arranging cleaning supplies like dusters, scrub brushes, rags, and spray bottles.

A VARIERA is a fantastic choice for storing all of your cleaning supplies, and you can even use many VARIERAs for the various cleaning tasks that call for their own specialized equipment.

15. Make Use of Silicone Cupcake Liners to Classify Small Items

I use silicone cupcake liners to keep the orange wedges from making the veggie straws mushy in my kids’ lunches, and I also use them to keep other little items like push pins, safety pins, paper clips, and bobby pins neatly organized.

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