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Refrigerator Organization Hacks: 14 Refrigerator Organization Tips & Hacks to Maximize Fridge Space Quickly!

Have you ever stored something in the refrigerator, only to find it missing at a later time? If yes, how frustrating was that experience? The refrigerators in our houses are probably the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. Everything has a propensity to get misplaced in there!

Because we spend so much time and money at the grocery store each week, it is unquestionably beneficial to devote some of our time to decluttering the area and putting everything in its proper place. Maintaining order in your refrigerator helps you avoid losing your mind and prevents you from throwing away food because you can’t find it or because you forget you have it.

Check out these ten organization techniques for your refrigerator to help you maintain it clutter-free and know exactly what you need when you go shopping for groceries in the future.

1. Avoid Storing Milk in the Door

refrigerator organization hacks

Food items like eggs and milk tend to spoil rapidly. Instead of putting them in the door, put them on the middle shelf because that area maintains a consistent temperature. The door of the refrigerator and the top shelf are the warmest parts of the appliance.

Eggs should not be placed in any of the compartments of the door. You can store condiments that are heavy in salt and vinegar in the door, and you can keep leftovers and snacks on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

2. Keep Refrigerator Two-Third Full

If there are goods that fall out of the refrigerator every time it is opened, then it is time to declutter it. When a refrigerator is overstuffed, it can result in clogged air vents, impeded air flows, and a reduction in the appliance’s energy efficiency.

Additionally, if your refrigerator is empty, you should fill it with a few bottles of water because this will help to keep the temperature down after the water is cold. Keeping the refrigerator at a level that is two-thirds full will be your best bet.

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3. Do Not Store Pre-Cut Veggies and Fruits

refrigerator organization hacks

Before putting fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, a lot of people give them a quick wash and cut them up first. Vegetables that have already been chopped can go bad more rapidly and take up more space.

The best practice is to wash and cut food just before eating it.

4. Keep Meat on the Lower Shelf

You can keep the meat in the freezer or on the lowest level of the refrigerator, both of which will prevent it from dripping onto other foods.

You can also put a tray under the meat on the lowest shelf, which will help to catch any leaking and make it much simpler to clean up in the event that there is any.

5. Bins, Baskets, and Trays have a Spot in the Fridge

refrigerator organization hacks

When it comes to compartmentalizing food products in the refrigerator, trays, containers, and baskets are all viable options. The condiments can be stored in a bin, the meat can be kept on trays on the bottom shelf, and citrus fruits can be saved in a colander.

6. Label Everything

If you store a lot of things in the refrigerator, label every single container there. You will find that they will assist you in remembering these things.

7. Use Deli Containers

refrigerator organization hacks

Put any food that’s been left over in the deli containers, and then arrange them in the refrigerator in an orderly fashion. They also do not produce any leaks even if they are pushed over.

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8. Separate Veggies and Fruits

Before placing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, remove them from their plastic bags. This will allow for adequate airflow, which will help avoid mold growth and early ripening.

Additionally, place fruits and vegetables in the middle section of the refrigerator.

9. Long-Lasting Lemons in the Fridge

refrigerator organization hacks

When stored in a plastic bag inside of a refrigerator that is also filled with a little bit of water, lemons and limes have a shelf life of up to one month. Because citrus fruits have such high porosity, they quickly lose their moisture when exposed to air.

10 . Arrange Items According to the Needs

First, consider your needs, establish your priorities, and then arrange the food items, vegetables, fruits, jams, meat, and cheese in the refrigerator in the order in which you use them the most.

11. Use Shelf Liners for a Better Look & More

refrigerator organization hacks

For a neat and tidy appearance inside the refrigerator, line the shelves with liners that don’t require adhesive. It will also assist with cleaning up spills. This is one of the best tips and tricks that no one has ever told you about organizing your refrigerator!

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12. Uniform-Sized Mason Jars and Square Boxes

To create the impression of order and cleanliness in the refrigerator, arrange the food items, vegetables, spices, and sauces in mason jars and Tupperware containers.

13. Tie Veggies Before Storing

refrigerator organization hacks

Remove the green vegetables with long leaves from their plastic bags, secure them with rubber bands, and place them in the refrigerator. As you can see below, it will increase the storage space.

14. Similar Things Together

Group together things that are the same, like dairy or protein products, veggies, and herbs. If you do this, everything will be easy to get, and you won’t have to worry about losing anything in the refrigerator’s mysterious void.

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