PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

PS5 Hacks that Make Your Console Much Better: Your Complete Guide to The Play Station PS5!

The PlayStation 5 has been available for purchase for over a year, but supplies are limited owing to high demand.

I can see how it may happen. In what other kinds of games may it be useful? It looks like a beautiful tower from the outside, and it offers state-of-the-art features inside. We’ve put up a helpful guide with the most up-to-date information we could find for all of you who have just purchased a PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition.

How to Put a Disc Into the Play Station 5

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

Despite being the device’s primary function, inserting a disc into the PlayStation 5’s drive isn’t always the most logical next step. You might find this recommendation peculiar.

Turn the Blu-ray or game so that the top is facing left and the console’s main body. It may seem clear now, but at the time we weren’t convinced.

How to Create Game Settings

The PS5’s global settings feature is useful since it allows you to make preferences that will apply to all games you launch. To get greater frame rates, for instance, you might specify that games always begin at Medium difficulty or that they run in Performance mode. Make your preferences known by tapping the Settings icon, selecting Save Data, and finally selecting Game/App Settings.

How to Make Sure a Game Is on The PS5 Version, Not the PS4 Version

In the early days of the PS5, when both versions of a game were available for download, it was difficult to know if you were playing the next-gen version of a game or not. Newer versions of the program have addressed this issue. An icon representing the game’s version may now be found in your app drawer. You may easily revert to the PS5 version from your library if you installed the PS4 one by accident. Another plus is that Sony has made it such that the newest version of a game may be downloaded immediately after purchase.

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How to Link the Play Station 5 Media Remote

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

You may filter the list to show just native PS5 titles if you have a large library of PS4 games linked to your PlayStation account or have downloaded many games from the PS Plus Collection.

After clicking the Game Library button in the navigation bar, use the left-hand filter to narrow down your results (has a downward around on it). Select PlayStation 5 when prompted. Any and all PS5 games should now be accessible from your collection. A similar experience may be had on other platforms.

How to Make a Library List of Only PS5 Games

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

Sony has enabled the PS5’s capability to take an extra internal SSD so that you may expand its storage capacity for games and applications. While the procedure itself is straightforward, a thorough explanation of how to carry it out is provided below.

To help you avoid being taken advantage of, we have also compiled a list of the best PS5 internal SSD solutions.

How to Download PS4 Games To A Flash Drive

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

Games and software for the PS4 may be transferred from the internal disc to the external drive when one is inserted and turned on.

Choose Storage after navigating to Settings. The next step is to select Console Storage. Then, select the Games & Apps label once you are there.

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How to Download PS4 Games to A Flash Drive

The PS5 can provide bitstream audio for DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays through HDMI, letting your AV receiver, surround system, or soundbar decodes the data on its own. The PS5 can decode and play DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays, however, it does not provide direct support for Dolby Atmos. The only catch is that you’ll have to go into the PS5’s settings menu and choose the option yourself if you want to use it.

Transferring Data from a PS4 to a PS5

If you already possess a PlayStation 4 and wish to move your settings and games to a new PlayStation 5, you may do so by transferring data between the two systems over a local network.

First, you need to upgrade both consoles to the most latest versions. You should also check to see if your Trophies are connected (by pressing options when viewing your Trophies and selecting Sync with PlayStation Network).

Establishing the Parental Controls on The PS5

PS5 hacks that make your console MUCH better

Children who utilize a PlayStation 5 can benefit from parental controls. Content controls based on age, monitoring of playtime, the ability to establish spending limits on shared wallets, and restrictions on communication features are just a few examples.

They may be adjusted locally on the console or remotely using the console’s web browser on a computer, Mac, or mobile device. To do the latter, you’ll need to visit the profile management page on Sony’s website. Then, navigate to the Family Management tab. Each child’s PlayStation account has its own settings page where you can adjust all the safety features.