Picture Hanging Hacks

Picture Hanging Hacks: 13 Wall-Hanging Hacks That Will Make Your Walls Look Amazing!

It’s annoying and time-consuming to try to hang things on the wall, especially if they don’t hang straight. Use these helpful tips to do it perfectly the first time.

Lickety-Split Wall Decor

picture hanging hacks

Here’s a simple and efficient method for hanging artwork. To hang a picture, lick your middle knuckle and then use the moist finger to grab the hanger from the back. When the artwork is in the perfect spot, press your knuckles against the wall. The saliva can be used to make a subtle indentation in the surface on which to hammer a nail. Leann Cormier, avid reader. Always use anchors when hanging anything substantial on the wall.

Use a Smartphone Level

picture hanging hacks

This is obviously common knowledge among seasoned smartphone users, but for the uninitiated, here is a helpful hint. Like a miniature plumb bob or level, your phone can be used for precise measurements. A leveling app is available for download, and some phones may even have one preinstalled. While a phone level isn’t going to replace a professional level while building an addition, it can be useful for little leveling jobs around the house. Here are the top 9 home renovation applications for your smartphone.

Use Templates and Tape

picture hanging hacks

Create a wall mural by taping paper templates to the wall in a creative arrangement. A laser level’s temporary red line can be used to line up a set of photographs precisely. Without needing to mark up the walls, the laser level provides an ideal straight line. You can also use a regular carpenter’s level. Learn the fundamentals of using plumb bobs and levels with our comprehensive guide.

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A Riveting Idea

An improved method for hanging portraits and other light objects from drywall is presented here. Drive the rivet’s stem into the wall with a hammer. There will be no slipping of the rivet head into the wall while the artwork is hung. Packs of 1/8-inch rivets may be purchased for less than $5 at most hardware stores. In the words of Alvin Lewis, a reader. Hang pictures and mirrors straight and level.

Pull Tab Hook

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If you’re out of sawtooth picture hangers, no problem; just use a soda can instead. You can tear off the tab by bending it back and forth repeatedly. The next step is to secure it to a picture frame using screws. To hang the painting, simply extend the loose end slightly. Carrie Tegeler, a reader

Pinpoint a Solution

Whenever you hang a new picture, you can use this clever method to indicate the exact locations of nail holes on the wall. Join the tops of two pushpins with cyanoacrylate adhesive (such as Super Glue). Place one of the pins at the upper rear edge of the frame, in the exact middle of the artwork. Just prop the image where you think it will look best, press down firmly, and make a mark for the nail. This suggestion is most useful when hanging pictures with hardware attached to the back of the frame; however, when hanging images by wire, simply measure the distance from the top of the wire to the pushpin hole and slide the nail down that distance. Reader Richard Wooden is thanked for providing such an eloquently phrased and useful recommendation. More so, here are 12 easy tricks that will make your life a lot easier.

Toothpaste Marks the Spot

Once the template is up on the wall, you can also put a small amount of toothpaste on the hanger and press it against the template. The spot of toothpaste on the template will indicate where to position the nail once the frame is removed. See also: 49 additional surprising uses for toothpaste.

Measure Everything

You can measure the height from the wire with one finger still in place. This measurement, along with the length from side to side, will be used to properly place the picture hangers. Also, these 20 clever tool hacks will blow your mind.

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picture hanging hacks

Nail each template to the wall by hammering it through the X you made once you have your layout finalized and the templates are taped to the wall. Simply rip off the paper guide, and the nail will be at the ideal spot for hanging any artwork in your gallery. This tutorial will show you how to hang a whole gallery wall with minimal hassle.

Keep It Level

Without damaging the wall, a small amount of mounting putty (the same substance used to hang posters) will keep the artwork level. The use of a laser level is also covered.

Hang Shelves Instead

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These photo displays do not require the use of hooks for hanging. Your pictures and paintings will always be straight, and you may “redecorate” in an instant by moving items around. Patching holes after rearranging artwork is unnecessary. You may trust us to show you the proper way to hang shelves.

Keyhole Template

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Lay paper over the keyhole slots and rub it with a pencil to create a template for wall installation. After that, you may place your template at eye level on the wall and use that to mark where to screw in your anchors. Additionally, have a look at our top PVC hacks for the house and garage.

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Sawtooth Tape Measure Hanger

This is more of a hack for making use of picture-hanging gear in a garage or sheds than for actually hanging artwork. Read what one of our readers has to say: Being able to quickly access my trusty tape measure in the workshop is a must. Reader Ryan Sorensen writes, “I got tired of searching through mounds of junk to find the tape measure, so I put a “sawtooth” picture hanger on the edge of my workbench, and now it’s always right there.” The following is yet another in a long line of clever uses for tape measures. I’ll bet you didn’t know pool noodles could be put to so many other uses around the house!