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McDonalds Hacks: 13 McDonald’s Hacks That Will Astound You!

Have you recently visited McDonald’s and pondered whether or not there are McDonald’s hacks that could help you save money and time?

If that’s the case, keep reading because we’ve got 13 great suggestions for how to make the most of your time at McDonald’s.

13 McDonald’s Hacks To Use In 2022

1. Use the Fry Flap for Ketchup

mcdonalds hacks

Did you realize there’s a practical use for the flap on your McDonald’s french fry box?

To facilitate the dispensing of ketchup and the subsequent dipping of fries.

Use this ketchup flap so dipping is less messy and your kids can quickly and simply enjoy ketchup on their fries without getting too much or too little.

2. Always Ask for Your Receipt & You’re Almost Guaranteed a Fresh Burger

Asking for a receipt at McDonald’s is a certain technique to ensure that you get a fresh burger instead of one that has been sitting about.

Staff may treat you better because they’ll assume you’re a mystery shopper (who requests receipts) and serve you meals straight from the kitchen.

Remember that these mystery shoppers are most active between the hours of 12 and 2 in the afternoon, and again between 5 and 7 in the evening.

On top of that, if you fill out the survey on the receipt and submit it online, you will receive a coupon for a free item from McDonald’s.

3. The McFlurry Lid Makes a Great Sauce Holder

You may use the lid from your McFlurry to store the dipping sauce that came with your McNuggets or other fast food!

The McFlurry container’s lid can also be used as a sauce holder while driving.

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4. Use the McDonald’s App and Get Free Fries on Friday

In the McDonald’s app, every Friday is Free Fries Friday, where you can get a free medium fry with any $1 or more purchase.

5. Ask for No Salt on Your Fries for Guaranteed Freshness

How do you guarantee that your McDonald‘s fries will always be served piping hot? The trick is to specifically request that your french fries not be salted.

Because salt is added to nearly everything by default at McDonald’s, if you ask for them to prepare you a new batch of fries without salt, they will (then can add salt after).

6. Ask for Your Burger with an Additional Item or Item Removed for Freshness

You may also ensure that your McDonald’s burger will be freshly prepared by asking for an extra topping or subtraction when placing your order.

They have to make your order from scratch if you want to add or remove ingredients, which is inconvenient because the burgers are often sitting, remaining warm with all fixings for that dish.

Changing the standard ingredients, such as asking for no pickles, can guarantee that your burger is cooked fresh while you watch.

7. If You Want the Most Calories Per $1 Then Order the McChicken

If you’re trying to maximize your calorie intake at a fast food restaurant, your best bet is to get a McChicken.

In addition, the Sausage Biscuit comes in second with 210 calories for every dollar, while the McChicken is the clear winner with 400 calories for a single dollar.

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8. You Can Get a Neopolitan Shake

mcdonalds hacks

We all love McDonald’s shakes, but picking between strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla can be a real challenge. If you can’t make up your mind, just get a Neopolitan shake!

9. Go Inside Whenever You Can

Going inside is your best bet for getting your order correct in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest number of complications.

Furthermore, everyone uses the drive-thru, particularly during lunch and dinner, so if you spend a minute walking inside, you’ll be in and out much quicker!

10. Ask for a Round Egg to Get a Real Egg

mcdonalds hacks

Want a real egg in that McMuffin you just bought? If you want an actually cracked egg rather than the liquid egg, all you have to do is specify that you want a spherical egg.

11. Ask for a Chicken Patty on Sausage McGriddle for Chicken & Waffles

If you’re craving chicken and waffles but can’t find them at McDonald’s, you can get something close by substituting a chicken patty for the sausage in a Sausage McGriddle.

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12. Ask for Espresso in Your Milkshake for an Iced Coffee Shake

mcdonalds hacks

A lot of people prefer iced coffee beverages, but if you want to take it up a level just ask for a shot of espresso in your milkshake, and it’s such a fantastic flavour combination!

In addition, whether it’s the morning or the evening, you’ll enjoy the refreshing coffee beverage just as much if it’s summer.

13. Ask for the Steamed Bun on Any Sandwich

If you’ve ever heard of the Filet-O-Fish, you know that the bread is steamed to make it softer and simpler to chew.

You can have a McDonald’s sandwich with a steamed bun if you ask for it, and you’ll find that it’s lot easier to chew and more pliable, plus it’s a fun change of pace and complements the food in interesting ways.

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