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Makeup Hacks: 10 Makeup Hacks To Make Your Life Easier!

There are a lot of various ways to apply makeup that I’ve tried and tested as a professional make-up artist. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade via trial and error, and now they’re the norm in my life.

For those of you who are in need of some cosmetic inspiration or feel like something is lacking from your daily routine, these 14 tips might be the answer.

1. Firstly, as A Rule of Thumb, You Should Try to Apply All Your Liquid Products and Then Your Powder Products.

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Adding a liquid product on top of a powdered area might cause your makeup to seem cakey and unappealing. As a result, you may have a more difficult time concealing or emphasising regions of texture on your skin.

2. When It Comes to Contouring Your Cheeks, Place the Product on Top of Your Cheekbones.

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You may be tempted to apply the contouring product in the hollows of your cheeks, which is where you want it to be. You end up producing the effect of dragging your face down when you blend this out, which is not what we’re trying to do. As an alternative, set the item higher than you intend it to be. In this way, when you mix it out, you can be sure that it will fall exactly where you want.

3. When It Comes to Using a Colour Corrector, Let Me Stress that Less Is More.

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For those of you who wish to hide hyperpigmentation, whether it’s beneath the eyes or elsewhere on your face, you’ve probably tried colour correction. Even while there are a slew of viral videos encouraging the assumption that more is better, I can assure you that in order to effectively neutralise the tones you’re attempting to conceal, you only need a tiny amount of product. It should be sufficient to apply a thin coating in this manner. Your foundation or concealer should be able to take care of the rest.

4. There’s a Little Trick You Can Use to Get More Coverage out Of Your Concealer, Which Might Even Save You from Going out And Investing in A Higher Coverage Product.

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Wait 30 seconds to a minute after applying concealer before blending it into the rest of your face. The more coverage you receive, the longer you wait to mix. You’re more than welcome.

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5. if You’re a Fan of Blush, Try Using a Liquid One Underneath Your Usual Powder One.

 5. if You're a Fan of Blush, Try Using a Liquid One Underneath Your Usual Powder One.

For some reason, blush is the first beauty product to mysteriously vanish from your face during the day. I know, it’s irritating as I type this! After applying your foundation, if you’re a fan of the really attractive pink cheeks appearance, you may work around it by using any type of liquid blush. After that, you may use your regular powder to put it in place. It helps to keep the colour in place, and it will last you a lot longer if you’re on the move!

6. When You’re Applying Liquid Makeup Products – from Foundation and Concealer to Liquid Bronzer or Blush – Try Blending It out Using a ~dabbing~ Motion Rather than Swiping.

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Regardless of whether you choose to mix with a sponge or a brush, this tip still holds true. Make your product seem smooth by dabbing your tool over and over again. Product movement is often only caused by the user making a swipe action rather than a sweeping motion. The layers of cosmetics you’ve applied on top of it can also be disturbed, causing you to move things about and ruin what you’ve previously done.

7.If You Ever Find that You Get Creases in Your Makeup as The Day Goes On, You Might Need to Switch up The Way You Set Your Makeup.

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In general, a loose powder is the most effective solution to set certain regions, but the key is what you use to apply it. If you don’t acquire many wrinkles, softly pressing the area with a fluffy brush can do the work to fix your liquid product in place. If we’re talking about an area that you know is prone to creasing, use a powder puff to really drive the powder into the skin. I prefer to use this beneath my eyes and around my smile lines, and it honestly never fails me.

8. To Create the Illusion of Fuller-Looking Lips (and to Keep Your Lip Product on Through Pretty Much Anything), Try Using a Lip Liner to Fill Your Lips Rather than Just to Outline Them.

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I know that seems odd – and like it may feel incredibly drying – but start by using a tiny lip scrub to make sure your lips are nice and smooth. Then go in with a really moisturising lip balm and follow up with your lip pencils. If it still feels a bit dry, apply a little additional lip balm to the middle of your lips, smash them together, and I can very much assure you won’t go back to using standard lipsticks.

9. Speaking of Lips, Here’s the Ultimate Technique for How to Realistically Over Line Your Lips Without It Looking Too Obvious.

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I suppose the trick is choosing areas of your lips to overline. To make your lips look more puckered, line your cupid’s bow just above where it naturally rests and follow your real lip line while sketching the remainder of your top lip. When it comes to your bottom lip, excessively line the bottom centre of your lip and follow your natural lip line elsewhere. It’s the perfect technique to impart a slight plumped impression to your lips without feeling like you’ve gone crazy.

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10. When It Comes to Using a Beauty Sponge, You Want to Make Sure You Dampen It Just the Right Amount Before Using It.

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All the beauty gurus advise, “Make sure you dampen your sponge,” but let me explain to you how to do it to produce the greatest results. If your sponge isn’t moist enough, it’s likely to create a little thicker (and perhaps cakey) impression. On the other hand, if it’s too moist, your makeup might wind up appearing a touch spotty. To attain the right degree of wetness, you want to run your sponge under a tap whilst continually squeezing it in a pulsating manner – see above. Let it thoroughly soak with water, and then squeeze it entirely dry repetitively. After a few repetitions, turn off the faucet and squeeze all the extra water out of your sponge. Now it’s 100 per cent ready to use!