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Kitchen Organization Hacks:10 Kitchen Organization Hacks that Will Change Your Life!

We’ve tried every one of these 21 kitchen organization suggestions in our own kitchens, and we know they’ll help you, too! As a result, we can share with you the details of our now-over-seven-year history with each of these.

Below you’ll find a gallery with images and additional information for each option (plus some extra suggestions and a movie at the end!).

1. T-Molding for Stemware

kitchen organization hacks

The stemware can be neatly arranged in the t-molding of your cabinetry. Surely you’ve witnessed this practice at public eateries.

Your wine and champagne glasses won’t collect dust when hung this way. You can simply put them away in the cabinet without worrying about drying them first.

Plus, you may make use of the vertical space in your cabinets to store even more things there.

2. Label Your Products

kitchen organization hacks

Labels aren’t only a pretty addition to your cabinets; they have a practical purpose as well. Especially if you share a home with less orderly relatives.

In order to keep the kitchen neat and tidy at all times, labels are a smart investment.

First and foremost, labels will spare you from having to constantly answer “where is what?” questions. Having labels will make it easier for everyone to know where to store things and where to find them.

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3. Chalkboard with Measurements

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Those who are as passionate about the kitchen as I am are likely to appreciate this plan. Create your own custom measuring whiteboard.

Pull the door off the cabinet, paint it with chalkboard paint, let it dry, and replace it. It’s fine to nail some planks to the wall and use them to store measurement tools. These are very excellent, by the way.

Last but not least, you’ll require some liquid chalk pens to record the dimensions. In general, a wonderful plan if you do a lot of cooking.

In particular, if you enjoy making sweets, where exact measures are essential.

4. Glass Jars are the Best

kitchen organization hacks

Glass jars are great for storing all sorts of things, and I prefer them since you can see what you have. Buy a set and use them to keep all your dry goods in one place.

These jars are also a great option because they can be stored neatly and attractively in any kitchen. Always go for quality when it comes to sealing devices.

I endorse these specifically. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, and they’re really strong.

5. Pull-Out Rolling Shelves

kitchen organization hacks

Are you despondent about ever having a neat and tidy pantry, freezer, and refrigerator? If you have a habit of losing things deep within your cabinet, pull-out rolling shelving may be the solution.

Simply take it out and examine it to see what you have. Obviously, you’ll need a helping hand, but it’ll be well worth it.

This kind of pull-out shelf is for sale. There is nothing further to do besides installing it. Compared to starting from scratch, that’s a lot less work.

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6. Clear Plastic Organizers for Drawers

kitchen organization hacks

Whatever you do to keep your desk tidy can also be used to keep your cutlery drawers in order.

These sturdy plastic organizers are a convenient way to keep your spoons, coffee pods, and other small items neat and in their proper places.

In all candor, there is generally so much room in the drawers that everything just slides left and right. It all gets muddled up in the end.

Thus, you can clean things up all you want, but eventually, they’ll get cluttered again. To remedy this situation, you should use plastic storage containers.

7. Lazy Turntable Will Keep the Mess Away

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You probably get distracted when cooking and start poking around in the spice cabinet, which messes up everyone’s orders. An excellent option is a turntable.

Put away all of your condiments and seasonings. Flip the tray over and take out the required amount of seasoning. The turntable I’ve included here is of high quality.

It’s a time-saver and a tool for better organization. It’s also a fantastic method for maintaining order in your refrigerator.

8. Use Wire Baskets

kitchen organization hacks

When it comes to storing large cookware, not all cabinets are created equal. In such a situation, a wire basket would prove useful.

Just toss your cutting board in there and grab it when you need it for food prep. Simple to use and effective at preserving order in one’s possessions.

Generally, you should merely use baskets that are as well-made as these.

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9. A Spice Organizer with Drawers

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Use the vertical space you have if you’re short on horizontal room for storage. This spice rack provides that answer.

You can store your spices in the cabinets and even name them for easy access. Now, when you open a cabinet, you can just read the label to choose which drawer to pull out.

A basic but practical solution for storing your spices!

10. DIY Spice Drawer

kitchen organization hacks

DIY a wooden spice rack if you don’t need much space but care more about looks than functionality.

Good examples of this may be found in many different stores. It’s an excellent method for displaying and arranging your various spices.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create your own!

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