Halloween Hacks

Halloween Hacks: 13 DIY Halloween Ideas & Hacks!

Let’s face facts. It takes a lot of imagination to pull off Halloween, and there are years when you just can’t come up with any good costume, pumpkin, party food, or home decoration ideas. 13 (very scary) Halloween hacks are here to save the day.

Pumpkin Hacks

Make a Wine Keg Using a Pumpkin

Use pumpkins as wine glasses at your Halloween party to serve “Hallo-wine.” Your originality will be appreciated by your company.

Use a Cookie Cutter to Carve a Pumpkin

halloween hacks

Sick with the same old jack-o-lantern designs? Instead of using a knife, use a cookie cutter in the shape of a pumpkin this year.

Light Your Pumpkins with Christmas Lights

halloween hacks

Combine pumpkins with holiday lights to create a dazzling, starry show in your yard. First, you’ll need to use a drill to make a pattern of holes in each pumpkin once you’ve gutted it. Then insert a Christmas light into each hole and plug them in.

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Decor Hacks:

Make a Spooky Wreath with Ping-Pong Balls

halloween hacks

Make a simple wreath with googly eyes to scare away trick-or-treaters in a humorous way. Put together a foam wreath form and layer two or three bags of white Ping-Pong balls using hot glue. After the wreath base is covered, glue on some googly eyes in various sizes.

Turn Trash Bags Into Spider Webs

halloween hacks

To create these eerie spider webs, you’ll need nothing more than some black trash bags, some tape, and some scissors. Having a ball while keeping the bills paid.

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Use Leftover Candy Corn as Decor

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I am aware that there are die-hard candy corn fans out there, but I also know that there are plenty of individuals who are on the fence about it, like myself. Sure, I’ll have a piece or two, but it’s not my favorite.

Place the remaining items in glass hurricanes together with decorative pillar candles and place them on the front porch to welcome guests instead of tossing them away. Don’t let the candles burn down into the sweets, so don’t forget to blow them out!

Costume Hacks

Be a Glow-In-The-Dark Stick Figure

A Halloween costume slipped your mind, right? You will appreciate this extremely ingenious use of stick figures. Pack an all-black ensemble, some glow sticks, and some packing tape, and get ready for dazzling praise.

Make a Last-Minute Kid Costume Using a Hoodie

halloween hacks

You don’t have time to create a masterpiece for your kid, do you? Just use a regular hoodie to make a quick and easy outfit. Everyone will mistakenly think your ideas are adorable.

Turn an Old Shirt Into a Dog Costume

You may bring the expression “working like a dog” to live by donning an old button-down shirt and a clip-on tie. This canine getup is guaranteed to bring you lots of compliments during the party.

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Food + Drink Hacks

Turn a Margarita Into a Morgue-A-Rita

halloween hacks

Make a classic cocktail with a spooky spin instead of trying to manufacture something new for your Halloween guests. The slimy green substance needs only two more ingredients to complete.

Make (healthy!) Monsters with Apples

halloween hacks

This tasty and healthy snack is also super cute, so kids will love it.

Make Edible Eyeballs with Cheese Rounds

halloween hacks

These frightening eyeballs require just three simple ingredients. You can’t go wrong with this cheese-based appetizer for your Halloween bash.

Make Scary Fingers with Goat Cheese

halloween hacks

This dish, which also has cheese, would be excellent for a Halloween cheese tray alongside the edible eyeballs.