Gaming Life Hacks

Gaming Life Hacks: 9 Gaming Life Hacks That Will Change Your Playstyle Forever!

It’s safe to say that gaming is one of the simplest pastimes you may take up and enjoy right away. For a casual experience, no prior talent is necessary, and all you need is a console, PC, or even a phone. You can’t dispute that investing in pricey equipment can improve your overall gaming experience, but there are always methods to get around it.

It’s not uncommon for people to come up with the most creative solutions to common gaming problems, and many of these solutions are free. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the top gaming life hacks you can use to improve your overall experience.

1. Gum Wrapper as A Gun Trigger

Toomad316, a Reddit user, shared a gif showing how to turn a gum wrapper into a trigger to improve your mobile first-person shooter experience, which served as the inspiration for this piece. As shown in the gif, you may use just one finger to fire the gun by folding the wrapper and taping it on your touchscreen.

Because of capacitive sensing, it all works. This implies that the gum wrapper acts as a bridge between your body and the gadget, allowing the screen’s sensors to detect it as a human touch. For a more detailed explanation, please see this page.

2. Toilet Roll Storage

Gaming Life Hacks

There are now so many wires attached to gaming devices and other gadgets that they form a spiderweb in your allotted cable cabinet. There is a good chance that some of these wires will be used at some time, but not enough to justify putting them in order.

Using discarded toilet rolls to store your wires is a brilliant idea hatched by some bright spark out there. Once you’ve collected all of these toilet paper rolls, simply place them in a box. Everything is in order and ready to go for the moment when you actually require a certain cable. The best part is that you’re repurposing waste materials.

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3. Banana Holder for Headphones

Gaming Life Hacks

In the event that your headphones are usually laying around and you don’t have the money for a decent headphone stand, this is the solution. Buy a banana holder instead of an expensive headphone stand; it accomplishes the job just as well. It’s more for convenience than anything else, but it doesn’t diminish its usefulness.

4. Posture

Gaming Life Hacks

Even if it seems apparent, it’s the most important piece of information you’ll find here in this section. Even while it doesn’t appear to be a life hack at first, it has a positive impact on both your gaming and personal life. Gaming is one of those pastimes where you can just open a game and play all day, but if you’re sitting in a bad posture the entire time, you’re going to have problems down the line.

It’s not necessary to own the most expensive gaming chair in the world to maintain proper alignment when playing video games. As long as the chair has sufficient back support and can be adjusted in height, it will suffice. When using a keyboard or mouse, keep your hands parallel to your elbows and your display at eye level. As long as you maintain your back straight, you don’t need to sit in a precise 90-degree angle to improve your blood flow. If you follow these guidelines, your body will eternally be grateful.

5. Gaming Mode

Gaming Life Hacks

Since we recently did a hack aimed at PC users, let’s move on to one aimed at console users. For certain TVs, this causes a very slight latency, however, this is the default setting for most console users. TVs, as opposed to monitors, do additional processing in order to enhance the visual quality of the content they display, whereas monitors just show what the user instructs them to.

You’ll find a game mode under the display or image settings on the majority of TVs. However, if you’re a serious console gamer and haven’t heard of this before, you should definitely check it out.

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6. Go Wired

Gaming Life Hacks

Gaming life hacks aren’t always easy to come by. Use a wired computer mouse and keyboard instead of relying on a wireless one. Everything should have you hooked. Because of its effect on your internet connection, it enhances the gaming experience significantly. A physical connection is still speedier and free of interference, even though wireless gadgets are becoming less sluggish. As a matter of fact, if you want to boost your gaming reflexes, go wired.

This is a no-brainer in terms of the internet connection. One of the simplest decisions you’ll ever make is between Ethernet cable and wifi. Your ping and latency will be greatly reduced. Improves every element of your game experience.

7. Office Stool as Wheel

This is another online original that only a truly original person could come up with. Put your feet up and spin the stool’s seat as a steering wheel. You racing/simulation gamers who don’t want to spend a fortune on a genuine racing wheel may use this instead. If you can tie your mouse to an item like a desk or table, you can use an office stool as a steering wheel to control it. It’s cheap and easy. So long as there is a stool like this laying around,
You may use one of these stools if you happen to have one laying around.

8. Oven Cloth for Your Laptop

Gaming Life Hacks

As a result of your lack of money, you may be compelled to play games on your laptop. Even while laptops lack the processing power of a full-fledged PC, they can typically run games at lower settings without issue. However, laptops tend to overheat while gaming. The left side of the laptop is typically hotter than the rest of the machine. The simplest way to avoid getting burned by the laptop’s heat is to place an oven mitt on top of the affected area. It won’t hinder your gaming experience in any way, and you won’t have to worry about your left hand being sunburned anymore.

9. Split Loom Tubing

Gaming Life Hacks

This is a lifesaver for gamers who have animals. Your dog, cat, rabbit, iguana, or whatever creature you have gnawed away at your cords is something that I’m sure all of you have experienced. It will cost you a lot of money to repair those wires, and your pet won’t benefit from it either. Split loom tubes may be purchased at your local hardware shop to avoid this problem from occurring in the first place. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to keep your wires safe from all the chewing monsters out there.