fan hacks to keep cool

Fan Hacks to Keep Cool: Keep Your Cool with These 5 Top Fan Hacks!

This summer, your fan has undoubtedly been your closest buddy, but there is so much more you could be enjoying from this connection!

Fans are excellent for cooling you down, but most of us discover that they only provide a temporary solution and only function when you are directly in front of them. We’ve discovered some hacks that are absolute must-tries that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I try that before?”

Create Your Own Air Conditioning

fan hacks to keep cool

You may quickly chill off in your home by creating a foggy ambiance by setting a bowl of ice in front of your fan. It’s a fantastic trick for hot, sticky nights as well! Is no ice available? Place a moist cloth over the front to roughly do the same task, then enjoy the results!

Don’t Point It Directly at You!

fan hacks to keep cool

Strange as it may sound, turning your fan so that it faces the outside instead of the inside will help keep your house much cooler. Especially at night when the air is cooler, hot air can be blown out of the room and replaced with cold air when it is pointed outside.

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Two Fans Are Better than One

fan hacks to keep cool

Add another fan to the aforementioned trick to increase its effectiveness! One fan may be directed toward the window, pushing cool air out, while the other may be directing cool air in. The second one should be placed in the doorway’s center or a corner away from the window fan. By doing this, a wind tunnel will be created, allowing warm air to depart and cool air to enter.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

fan hacks to keep cool

If you turn your ceiling fan counterclockwise instead of clockwise, cold air will be blown downward rather than around the room. Before making any adjustments, make sure to turn it off, and take care around the blades.

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Trick Mosquitoes

fan hacks to keep cool

Although they don’t make you hotter, mosquitoes make summer much more irritating! Crosswinds terrify mosquitoes and prevent them from landing. Sit near a fan or even take it out to the garden with you if you want to keep them away.

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