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10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home [Complete Info.]

Over the past three years, our appearances have been constantly in the spotlight. It’s easy to feel like our skin needs some extra TLC now that we’re putting so much emphasis on it (hello, masks and Zoom calls) but prioritising healthy skin is about more than just looking good; it’s also about keeping us healthy inside and out.

These 10 tips and hacks from local beauty experts are here to help you improve — and maintain — your skincare routine without always running to your local esthetician for treatments because we don’t all have the time (or the funds) to do so. Additional information on how to give oneself a facial massage with just your hands is included as a bonus.

1. Use Spf Daily, Not Just When You’re Down the Shore

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Experts believe that avoiding overexposure to the sun all year round is the most crucial step in preserving youthful skin, preventing premature ageing, and warding off skin cancer, despite the fact that the sun’s rays supply essential nutrients and vitamins to our systems require. Becky Fenlan, the practice coordinator at About Face Skin Care, says that nobody wants to walk around with a greasy face all day, but that it’s not necessary. Tinted moisturisers, powders, and other products often have SPF built in (check the label to be sure the one you’re using or buying has it), and many oil-free products are so lightweight that you won’t even feel like you’re wearing any.

Viviane Aires, the local esthetician and creator of Viviane Aires Skin Wellness, recommends using a vitamin C supplement as an additional line of defence against the sun. She says products with vitamin C will help build immunity to catch and guard against anything coming into touch with your skin even after the SPF has worn off, which is helpful because it may be easy to forget to reapply creams with SPF every two or three hours.

2. Wash Your Face!

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

It may seem more convenient to just jump in the shower rather than take the time to wash your face before bed, but you should never do so. Why? Because our faces are constantly exposed to germs all day long. In a stroke of good fortune, “our skin is constructed of multiple layers which operate like a factory both keeping bacteria and hazardous things out of the body and concurrently excreting toxins out of the body,” says Jewellee Williams, owner of Crown Jewel Esthetics. The experts advise using an oil-based cleanser first thing in the evening to remove sunscreen and makeup, followed by your regular cleanser to get rid of any lingering residue.

Kári Skin founder Tirzah Blair suggests increasing the effectiveness of your cleanser by adding a small bit of clay or baking soda. She recommends exfoliating twice or thrice weekly to promote product penetration.

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3. Reduce Inflammation the Easy Way

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

We’ve all done it—washed our faces with hot water to “open our pores” and expect better product penetration as a result. Aires suggests using a cold water face splash to help flush out pollutants. She explains that this is because “doing so helps to activate the sensitivity of the skin,” which improves product absorption and also stimulates blood flow.

Applying an ice pack to an injury is just one example of how cold goods can help with inflammation. If you don’t have time for a cryo treatment, Aires suggests putting your favourite anti-inflammatory cosmetic items like eye patches, lotions, moisturisers, face masks, and jade rollers in the refrigerator. (Don’t lose track of the fact that they’re in there!)

Blair advises putting cool, thinly sliced cucumbers on achy eyes for 15 minutes to help alleviate the swelling. Cucumbers, because of their high water content and vitamin C content, can help reduce puffiness and refresh the skin. Caffeine, which is often included in such medications, helps to constrict blood vessels, so reducing inflammation and brightening the eyes.

4. Stop Picking

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Watching extraction videos online may make you want to pop your own pimples, but you shouldn’t. Even though we have professionals on staff, we all believe that DIY extractions can cause irreparable harm, including irritation and hyperpigmentation. Williams, on the other hand, recommends icing any problem areas.

5. Get Naturally Plump Lips

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Blair recommends plumping your lips at home with peppermint oil, which can be added to your regular lip gloss by mixing in five drops. She adds that using petroleum-free products and exfoliating twice weekly with a dry towel on damp lips will help keep your lips moisturised and healthy.

6. Utilize Your Pantry For DIY Treatments

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Pantry staples may have been keeping you fed, but they may also hold the key to radiant skin. (But keep in mind that not all components are safe for every skin type.) Juju Salon proprietor Julie Featherman recommends the following weekly foot exfoliation treatment: You can get some pain relief by dissolving six to eight aspirin tablets in some lemon juice. Put two tablespoons of honey into the mix and stir until it thickens to a jelly consistency. Spread the mixture on your feet, focusing on any calluses or rough spots. Put on some warm socks, put your feet up for 10 to 15 minutes, and then take off the socks and wash them.

Shireen Mustafa, an owner of Skin House, recommends a homemade anti-ageing face mask made from yoghurt and honey to leave your skin radiant, silky, and well-hydrated. (A larger concentration of this is used in Skin House peels.) Two tablespoons of plain Greek yoghurt and one tablespoon of raw honey should be combined in a separate bowl. After applying, wait 10 to 15 minutes for the mask to dry before washing your face. Use warm water to thoroughly rinse.

A morning body scrub of sugar, coffee grounds, and oil is highly recommended by the staff at Freedom Apothecary. Stir together a quarter to half a cup of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, and a drop or two of olive or coconut oil with one cup of used coffee grounds. Right before you turn off the shower’s water, apply this mixture lightly all over your body, excluding your face (a product this coarse is too abrasive for the skin on your face), and rinse.

Blair recommends a thorough cleaning of the face to begin an at-home facial, followed by five minutes of steaming over a pot of boiling herbal tea with a towel draped over the head. Then, you should paint your face with a mixture of raw egg whites and a little water. You should get 10 to 15 minutes of shut-eye with cucumber slices on your eyes. Wash off with warm water and apply lotion while the skin is still damp.

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7. Change the Way You’re Showering

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Long, hot showers and lathery soaps, as much as we like them, strip the skin of its protective oil barrier. According to Featherman, you should prepare for shorter, warmer showers, use a light lotion-based cleanser, and apply a deeply moisturising body lotion or oil shortly thereafter. It is also recommended that you “search for important elements like calendula, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and borage” while selecting a shower product.

8. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Experts say there are better methods to moisturise and absorb the skin than the TikTok fad of “slugging,” in which silicone-based products like Vaseline are applied in thick layers. To maintain healthy and functional skin cells, Williams recommends utilising highly concentrated serums. Sabbatical Beauty founder Adeline Koh suggests a multi-step routine that addresses all the different aspects of skin. Apply a toner, then an oil, and lastly your moisturiser as part of a six-step Korean beauty routine. Koh suggests visualising it as a closet. As the seasons change, you can put on and take off the layers of hydration to maintain supple, moisturised skin.

You can also use some at-home staples like olive or coconut oil, or honey to replenish your skin, as they contain hydrating humectants and naturally occurring antimicrobial properties, according to Rescue Spa founder Danuta Mieloch.

9. Focus on Your Insides Too

It’s easy to forget that what we put on our skin is just as vital as what we put in our bodies when life becomes hectic. A lot of the food we eat now has been processed with hormones and preservatives, Williams says. The quality of your skin and the performance of your cells might be affected by everything you ingest. For healthier skin and less inflammation, she recommends cutting back on dairy, alcohol, processed sweets, and saturated and trans fats.

Additionally, our specialists stress the need for adequate water in facilitating the body’s natural detoxification processes. Humidifiers are “life-changing,” according to Blair and Aires. It will increase the humidity in the air, which will moisturise the skin from the outside in.

Another simple strategy to give your skin the nourishment it needs is to incorporate collagen into your diet. According to Fenlan, “after the age of 25, our body starts to decline synthesis of collagen,” and collagen is the protein that makes up our hair, nails, skin, bones, and joints. About Face Skin Care suggests disguising the tasteless collagen powder they sell by mixing it with beverages like coffee, water, or smoothies.

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10. Learn how To Massage Your Face Like a Pro

10 Beauty Hacks to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing at Home

Face massages are wonderful for boosting your complexion and energising your body because they stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn aids in the removal of waste products and the delivery of nutrients to your organs. Aires lays out the process in detail below:

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