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The Minion Family Takes a Trip to Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles by Mighty Jaxx!

The yellow thugs we love are on a beach vacation! A collection of Minion blind box figurines by Jason Freeny, an artist, is being released by Mighty Jaxx.

TheFreeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Minions (Vacation Edition) has a variety of Minions decked out in beachwear:

  • Beach Party Jerry
  • DJ Carl
  • Fruit Hat Stuart
  • Vacation Phil
  • Hula Dave
  • Evil Minion
  • King Bob

The charming King Bob is one of the “extremely uncommon” finds out of the seven designs. This means that King Bob is extremely unlikely to be found, thus collectors will have to work particularly hard to find him. Additionally, you may now learn what a Minion’s interior looks like if you’ve ever been curious. Each figurine features a split design that reveals the adored character’s internal organs and bones.

 Mighty Jaxx

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Each figurine in the collection sells for US$12.99 and comes in a 4-inch Vinyl Blind Box. Fans can also choose to pay US$74.99 for a tray including six figurines. The Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: Minions (Vacay Edition) is available for pre-order on the Mighty Jaxx website and will be released on December 31, 2022.

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