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Ridley Scott’s Gladiator Sequel Takes Place in The Colosseum and Stars Paul Mescal!

With the release of Gladiator, it appears that Ridley Scott’s dream to visit the Colosseum once more will soon come true. Deadline reports that the director will helm the upcoming film, which will star Paul Mescalcast from the television series “Normal People.”

Little is known about the project, but the Irish actor is slated to play Lucius Verus, the original film’s Commodus’ nephew and the son of Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla. In the first Gladiator movie, Russell Crowe’s Maximus Decimus Meridius was the protagonist of a historical epic about courage, political unrest, and retribution. Commodus, who had earlier murdered his father in order to claim the throne for himself, later gave the order to kill Maximus and his family.

Ridley Scott

Maximus succeeds in escaping, though, and finds himself in the care of a man who organizes gladiator fights, which sets off his mission to find Commodus and exact revenge. While Lucius was only a youngster in the first movie, the sequel will show him developing into a young man who goes through his own struggles.

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Scott has long stated a desire to continue the narrative, even back when Gladiator was still playing in theatres. However, the sequel didn’t really take off until Paramount entered the picture in 2018. Along with David Scarpa, who wrote the script, Janty Yates, who created the costumes, and Arthur Max, who designed the production, the guy is also working as a producer. The latter two were also involved in the original production.

After his next historical epic Napoleon, which stars Phoenix in the title role, the director’s next picture, The Gladiators: Sequel, will include Mescal in a leading part for the first time in a big studio production.

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