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James Cameron Is Thinking About Making a New “Terminator” Movie with A.I. Instead of Killer Robots!

He’ll probably return. James Cameron’s most lucrative series is Terminator (aside from Avatar). The director has indicated that a reboot is “under consideration” just three years after Terminator: Dark Fate, the franchise’s previous release.

Cameron said that if he were to remake the sci-fi/action franchise, it would center on artificial intelligence rather than murderous cyborgs during an interview with SmartLesspodcast about the themes of his movies and the usage of AI in filmmaking.

James Cameron

The filmmaker stated, “If I were to make another Terminator movie, I might try to restart that franchise, but nothing has been decided. In my version, the AI component would take center stage rather than evil robots gone mad. Since Terminator: Judgement Day, Cameron hasn’t directed a Terminator movie, but he’s worked on the sequels Genisys and Dark Fate. Fans and Cameron disagree that Dark Fate is as good as Judgement Day, which is regarded as one of the greatest movies ever created.

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Even the director referred to it as “your grandfather’s Terminator movie.” In the 1984 James Cameron film The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the titular cyborg. Michael Biehn played Sarah Conner, his intended victim, and Linda Hamilton played Kyle Reese, Sarah’s guardian. The film inspired a sequel and brought in US$78.3 million at the worldwide box office.

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