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Hugh Jackman Says Deadpool and Wolverine “Hate Each Other” in Their Upcoming Movie!

Hugh Jackman’s return to the role of Wolverine was eagerly anticipated, and now that the Australian actor has been confirmed to participate in Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Deadpool 3 film, fans are left to wonder whether or not the superheroes would get along at all.

Jackman said that Wolverine and Deadpool won’t get along in an interview with The Empire Film Podcast. They actually despise one another. “How should I classify it? When questioned about his character’s connection with Deadpool, Jackman responded, “We’re zero, we’re opposites, we despise each other. Ten being incredibly close, zero being the reality.

Hugh Jackman Reveals

I’m only speaking from my perspective, but [Logan] is angry with him and either wants to run away or smack him in the head. In this movie, he can’t be more than a thousand miles away from him, therefore I’ll probably punch him a lot in the head.

In his comic book past, Wolverine has never been one to put up with pranks, and as Marvel fans are aware, Reynolds’ Deadpool is plenty of them. This combination between Wolverine’s disposition and Deadpool‘s talkative and silly personality will undoubtedly make for some hilarious scenes on screen.

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The film, which will have “in-your-face brutality and hardcore,” will be the first R-rated picture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the plot has not yet been revealed, the characters’ chemistry and frenetic energy should make it a lively and exciting ride, especially because Wolverine’s arrival opens up a wealth of storytelling possibilities.

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