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Episode 6 of Season 2 of Gangs of London Is Reviewed!

A harsh, merciless performance from Narges Rashidi makes Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 6 an exciting, edge-of-your-seat movie thrill ride.

Although “Episode 6” perhaps has the least amount of action in a Gangs of London episode, the battle scenes pick up speed after the story reaches a fever pitch. Rashidi gives it everything she’s got in a way we hardly ever see on TV. Her acting has a visceral cruelty to it. As captivating as the slick camerawork, it. In her battle for survival, Lale experiences all we experience.

ASIF: I will not work with the man who helped kill my son. 

In both her emotional and physical labor, Rashidi doesn’t hold back (no pun intended). It’s surprisingly captivating. She grabs you and won’t let go while you watch her scenes. She is revealed in greater detail in “Episode 6.” Lale has committed a fair number of murders, but once you see that she isn’t just after power for its own sake, it becomes easier to support her. Her tenacious character is on display in this situation.

Players like Asif Raza Mir and p D r s produce outstanding work in addition to Rashidi’s piss-and-vinegar act. As Asif Afridi, tries to claw his way to victory over Lale, Mir turns in a grim, gloomy, and cruel performance. While Asif’s motivations are less altruistic than Lale’s, it is reasonable that Asif would want to wreak revenge on Lale for killing his kid.

They both approach their confrontation with Lale with no holds barred, which is ultimately part of what makes it so captivating. We are witnessing life at its most unadulterated and honest. Never before have the stakes been higher. It’s entertaining to see how hard each side tries to hang on.

MARIAN: You understand what it took to build this city, and you know the pain of losing it. We can have it back, Ed. 

Dr. S. was a standout actor in last week’s episode, but he surpasses himself in “Episode 6.” Lale’s struggle for survival and Elliot’s breakdown over his father’s death are both so intensely felt. A gut punch is what it is. The acting of Dr. S never seems over the top. He responds as most people do when they learn a loved one has passed away. His outright display of sadness is terribly accurate when combined with the intense guilt he feels for abandoning a helpless Charlie at the airport.

Gangs of London Season 2

The multiple plots that are unfolding among the city’s factions, including Sean and Koba’s conspiracy to take over London and Marian’s plot to overthrow her son with Ed Dumani by her side, are another crucial component of the episode. It goes without saying that Sean’s choice to sacrifice Lale in order to maintain his reign is debatable. We are prepared for the final two episodes including these plots with “Episode 6.” There will definitely be lots of internal conflict and family drama.

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This time, the women are the stars (as they should be). Marian and Shannon make significant decisions from the sidelines while Lale’s badassness unquestionably steals the crown as the episode’s high point. In order to prevent her son from governing London alongside Koba, Marian will act against him. Even Shannon, who previously thought of Sean as a brother, wants to murder him and enlists Elliot’s help in doing so.

SHANNON: I’ve been working with Marian, Elliot. So, if you want to kill them, let me help you do it. 

The women in Gangs of London have taken the metaphorical gloves off, and as a result, we are all the better for it. “Episode 6” perfectly sets the scene for Lale’s epic struggle with wide-angle, cinematic images, sensory-stimulating sights and noises, and outstanding fight choreography that pushes us to the brink of violence. It’s brutal and never-ending. It’s the London Gangs.

Unexpected Observations

  • I can’t wait to watch the Targaryens of London violently implode when Sean finds out his mother is actively endeavoring to dethrone him. 
  • Lale most certainly won’t forgive Sean for his latest transgression. She fights tooth and nail to escape Asif, only for her beau to hand her back to the enemy. No, thank you. 
  • I hope everyone leaves that poor baby puppy alone. I was worried he’d get inadvertently caught up in all the stabbing. 
  • I need Lale, Shannon, and Marian to get things on the right track again. They should usurp Sean and Koba. This is the only way London can heal. 
  • Did anyone else find themselves suppressing a giggle when Sean claimed it wasn’t about “his f*cking dick”? I love this episode, but that line is a tad corny. I feel the scene would’ve had the same impact without it. 

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