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Episode 5 of Gangs of London’s Second Season Is Reviewed!

Everyone is grappling with the effects of Sean’s abrupt move in Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 5, and p D rs gives a stunning performance.

At least in the first half, the action slows down, yet the tension never goes away. That persistent worry that the volcano might erupt at any time simmers and bubbles below the surface. Joe Cole is the only one who can play this. Sean’s temper can be controlled by Cole until he erupts.

LALE: We sent a message, but now is the time we’re the most vulnerable. 

Jazz Armando, Jude Akuwudike, and Lucian Msamati are other “Episode 5” MVPs. The artist to watch is Armando. They are given less screen time than the other players, but they give Saba more rage, heartbreak, and vulnerability. We can only hope that they appear more frequently in upcoming episodes.

It’s always a pleasure to see Akuwudike on film. He does a fantastic job portraying Charlie, and he has great chemistry with Dr. S. Gangs of London and Akuwudike do a great job developing Charlie as a character in the limited screen time they have. His departure is therefore felt more keenly in “Episode 5.”

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This series never fails to raise our anticipation levels, keeping us gripped to our chairs until the unavoidable crash. We realise it’s a pipe dream, but there is a chance that Elliot and his father will escape and that Elliot will liberate himself from the Investors’ control. The Investors are too skilled at what they do, and Elliott is in too deep.

LUAN: You cannot beat him. He’ll keep coming back and coming back until you and your brother and your mother are all dead.

Elliot’s choice to go looking for his handler at her house suggests that the upcoming episode will feature a major collapse. DRS is a talented and adaptable performer who delves into the intricacy of his characters. He’ll definitely outdo himself in the upcoming episodes, no matter what happens.

Gangs of London Season 2 Episode 5

Msamati consistently turns forth strong acting performances, and “Episode 5” is no exception. Although he doesn’t speak much, everything he does between the lines is brilliant. In the last two episodes, he has thrown himself into some extremely physical situations. Without any spoken words, his encounter with Waleed Zuaiter is powerful enough to stand alone. He attempts to put on a facade in front of Koba and expresses so much.

Sean and Koba form a shaky alliance in “Episode 5” as they try to eliminate the Investors. Koba’s edges can also be seen beginning to fray. We discover that his grip on London’s underworld may be less than we had believed. Koba doesn’t strike me as being as dangerous as other players in Gangs of London, even though Zuaiter is a skilled performer. Underneath the pomp, flare, and swagger is something less self-assured. We might now witness him break down.

ELLIOT: I kill people, Dad. They make me do it. I have to. Or they’ll kill you. They’ll kill both of us. 

Overall, “Episode 5” isn’t the best episode of the show. Nevertheless, it makes an effort to put the pieces back together after Sean’s attack, with involving, nuanced performances (notably from Dr. S), and a few key scenes that undoubtedly have an impact on the remaining three episodes. While experimenting with innovative camerawork and views, the episode keeps its eye on the prize, which are extreme violence, gore, and brutal combat scenes.

Unexpected Observations

  • Nothing is creepier than when Sean full-on grins. It’s that shot you see before a terrifying killer strikes that deadly blow. 
  • Charlie interacting with that baby in the airport is so wholesome. Gangs of London temporarily warmed my heart before ripping it from my chest minutes later. Par for the course!
  • Koba needs to start his own clothing line. Maybe consisting of ’80s neon tracksuits or something of that nature. 
  • Out of all the graphic, violent acts and bloodshed, Elliot breaking Ed’s hand to free him might be the most I’ve squirmed while watching this show. Seriously. Ouch
  • Something in me needs to see Lale, Shannon, and Marian kick gangster ass together. Give me my Avengers: Endgame-style lady’s team-up! 
  • How did Leanne kill Charlie and Joseph Singer at a bustling airport gate in broad daylight while evading capture? She’s just that good, I suppose. 

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