best gun in vanguard

Best Gun in Vanguard: Best Weapon to Use in COD Vanguard

In Call of Duty, finding the right weapon is essential. It’s possible that Vanguard will necessitate a great deal of testing. More than 25 primary weapons are available, each of which can be customized using the ten attachment slots. For those who don’t want to waste time tinkering with different weapons, we’ve put up a list of the greatest ones in Vanguard.

These are the meta weaponry you should be utilizing in Vanguard right now, from powerful assault rifles to vicious submachine guns to deadly accurate snipers. Some of them are really popular, and if you’ve played Vanguard multiplayer, you’ve probably already felt their full force. As for other gems, gamers don’t seem aware of them at the moment.

Each Vanguard weapon on this list comes with a link to the greatest loadouts for that weapon, so be sure to check out the finest attachments for each.

To get started, these are the greatest Vanguard weapons for frying opponents in multiplayer.


best gun in vanguard

STG44 is the first assault rifle in Vanguard, and it happens to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Most players in multiplayer will be familiar with this gun because it is one of the most often utilized weapons at this time.

Low recoil and great damage, with only a slight damage drop-off at the range, come standard with the correct attachments for this weapon. Are you expecting too much from an AR? Some ammo types can also be a pain to play against, resulting in two-shot kills on occasion. ‘

Until now, this is the best class of STG44 Vanguard we’ve come across.

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Best Vanguard Guns

These are the best Vanguard guns you can use in the build-up to Season 1:

  • STG44
  • MP40
  • Kar98k
  • M1928
  • Automaton
  • Combat Shotgun


best gun in vanguard

The MP40 is Vanguard’s first SMG, and it’s also its best, as the prior post noted.

While several assault rifles can be outgunned by the MP40 at long range, the weapon can also be configured to allow for swift movement, short ADS durations, and an extremely powerful close-range damage output. One of the best Warzone weapons without a doubt.

See our MP40 Vanguard class guide to learn how to outfit it.


best gun in vanguard

The M1928, often known as the Thompson, is the greatest Vanguard gun if you’re a fan of racing around the game’s smaller stages and murdering SMGs aggressively.

Multi-killing at close range is a breeze thanks to the M1928’s large magazine and high rate of fire. Even while the weapon’s recoil and damage range aren’t excellent, they can both be greatly increased by the correct attachments (our M1928 Vanguard class will show you the way).

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The Kar98k is the sniper of choice in Vanguard if you’re looking to get the upper hand. It’s the best gun for anyone who just wants to sit back, watch the lanes, and ping some heads because it’s deadly accurate and devastatingly damaging.

You’ll see why the Kar98k Vanguard is one of the best guns in the game once you try it out.


best gun in vanguard

The Automaton assault rifle is one of the best and most popular Vanguard guns in its class, despite its trade-off of damage output for accuracy and fire rate (making it feel like an SMG).

The modest damage stats, on the other hand, can be amplified to make it a fearsome foe with the appropriate add-ons and upgrades. Get your hands on our Automaton Vanguard class.

Combat Shotgun

Call of Duty Vanguard has a few powerful shotguns, but the Combat Shotgun is the strongest of the lot.

This destructive shotty is the best weapon for blasting your way through little maps like Shipment or Das Haus. Check out our Combat Shotgun Vanguard class if you’re looking for the greatest combination of attachments.

Those are the greatest Vanguard weapons currently available in multiplayer. We wouldn’t particularly recommend them for Zombies enthusiasts, even if they are better choices in multiplayer. If you’re looking for the finest approach to take on the hordes, check out our greatest Vanguard Zombies loadout.