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Hideo Kojima Wants the Film Version of “death Stranding” to Take an Arthouse Approach!

After some time for the news to sink in, we now know that Hammer Kojima Productions will soon release a Death Stranding film. While there will always be doubts when it comes to translating a video game for the big screen, Hideo Kojima’s involvement will assuage some of those doubts.

Kojima was able to discuss the movie, the company’s seventh anniversary, and their relocation to a new studio in a new interview with IGN. It made more sense for the movie to collaborate with Alex Lebovici and Hammerstone Studios because both sides had a similar idea of how Death Stranding should function as a picture.

“I was on video chats with many individuals in Hollywood every week starting last year, and not just for ‘Death Stranding,'” Kojima said. Although I had a lot of offers, I had never intended to make a big movie. Regarding that, Alex Lebovici from Hammerstone Studios supported my viewpoint. There were several proposals to produce a big-budget film with well-known stars and showy explosions, but what would explosions add to “Death Stranding”?

This is the overall course that the Death Stranding adaptation will take—one that is less concerned with earning money and more with creating an arthouse movie. Kojima added, “Making money isn’t something I’m focused on at all either. I wanted to take a more arthouse approach, and Alex Lebovici was the only one who offered to do a movie like that, so I assume he’s an odd sort.

Hideo Kojima

Kojima is not actively researching the potential of in-game characters making the transition to the big screen for the Death Stranding movie. Instead, he will try to alter the game’s depicted environment to make it more suited for a movie.

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There are many movies that target gamers as a result of the failure of earlier game adaptations to the big screen, right? Because of this, they resemble games in appearance. That is not how I want the “Death Stranding” movie to be. Instead, I’m adopting the approach of modifying and developing the “Death Stranding” universe in a way that works well for movies. Games are games, and I created “Death Stranding” to be a game. It’s not really necessary to make them into movies, according to Kojima.

So in a sense, the “Death Stranding” movie is going in a direction with a cinematic adaptation of a game that has never been tried before. I believe that what I need to create will motivate some viewers to pursue creative careers in the next 10 to 20 years.

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