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Amazon Says, “The God of War Tv Show Will Be True to The Books.”

It has just recently been made official that Amazon Prime Video will adapt the hugely popular God of War property for its streaming services. Fans who want to watch Kratos and Atreus in action in real life are going to worry that the program will stray too far from its inspiration. However, fans have been reassured that this won’t be the case by Vernon Sanders, Head of Television at Amazon Studios.

“From Invincible to The Boys, we do adaptations really well. After all, we just discussed a tonne of them. We are aware of the devotion of God of War’s fan base as a result. A real emotional core and a compelling narrative are the two things we’re constantly searching for, and I believe that’s part of what makes God of War exceptional.

The response comes from a discussion Sanders had with Collider on what fans should expect from Sanders in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and why the God of War universe was ideal for Amazon.

God of War

The story of fathers and sons, and families, placed against this enormous epic landscape, is at the heart of everything. So, I believe that what the showrunner Rafe Judkins, Mark Ferguson, and Hawk Ostby have created for the first season and the entire series is both very close to the original material and captivating on its own. Even if you have never played the game, you will like the show and feel incredibly welcomed. Therefore, we anticipate it to be enormous.

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Given that Sanders spoke of a series in addition to his opinions on the first season, it seems likely that a long-runningGod of Warshow will be released on Amazon Prime Video. Even while it’s still a ways off, if the studio honors its word, we should be in for a crazy journey.

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