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How to Make Genshin Impact’s Alhaitham: Weapons, Ascension Materials, and Artifacts!

Fans of Genshin Impact, the first phase of the 3.4 updates will shortly be released! Since Alhaitham, a 5-star Dendro sword character, was first announced on Genshin Impact’s social media channels, players have been eager for him to become playable.

The resources and skills of Alhaitham have previously been determined through Honey Hunter World. In order to get the most out of him, those who manage to capture him from his banner must ascend him and his talents. Want to compile his resources in advance? What every Alhaitham player has to know is listed below.

Character Ascension Materials

Level Mora Materials
20 20,000 3x Sand Grease Pupa, 3x Faded Red Satin
40 40,000 3x Nagadus Emerald Fragment, 15x Faded Red Satin, 10x Sand Grease Pupa, 2x Pseudo-Stamens
50 60,000 6x Nagadus Emerald Fragment, 12x Trimmed Red Silk, 20x Sand Grease Pupa, 4x Pseudo-Stamens
60 80,000 3x Nagadus Emerald Chunk, 18x Trimmed Red Silk, 30x Sand Grease Pupa, 8x Pseudo-Stamens
70 100,000 6x Nagadus Emerald Chunk, 12x Rich Red Brocade, 45x Sand Grease Pupa, 12x Pseudo-Stamens
80 120,000 6x Nagadus Emerald Gemstone, 24x Rich Red Brocade, 60x Sand Grease Pupa, 20x Pseudo-Stamens

Talent Ascension Materials

Level More Materials
2 12,500 3x Teachings of Ingenuity, 6x Faded Red Satin
3 17,500 2x Guide to Ingenuity, 3x Trimmed Red Silk
4 25,000 4x Guide to Ingenuity, 4x Trimmed Red Silk
5 30,000 6x Guide to Ingenuity, 6x Trimmed Red Silk
6 37,500 9x Guide to Ingenuity, 9x Trimmed Red Silk
7 120,000 4x Philosophies of Ingenuity, 4x Rich Red Brocade, 1x Mirror of Mushin
8 260,000 6x Philosophies of Ingenuity, 6x Rich Red Brocade, 1x Mirror of Mushin
9 450,000 12x Philosophies of Ingenuity, 9x Rich Red Brocade, 2x Mirror of Mushin
10 700,000 16x Philosophies of Ingenuity, 12x Rich Red Brocade, 2x Mirror of Mushin, 1x Crown of Insight

Where To Farm Alhaitham s Materials

Sand Grease Pupa

This husk is located in the desert region of Sumeru, particularly in the Walnut Tunnels. It will be released beginning with Version 3.4 and has a tough grey shell to protect the unagi larval bodies.

Faded Red Satin, Trimmed Red Silk, and Rich Red Brocade

The Sumeru region was the first to include these Eremite opponent drops, which can be scaled up to obtain Trimmed Red Silk and Rich Red Brocade. Similar ascension materials and other lower-tier things can be fashioned into items of a higher level. These resources are also available to players through the Stardust Exchange.

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These blooms, which are dropped by Wind-Bitten Sandworms, won’t be accessible for cultivation until Version 3.4. Pseudo-stamens can be obtained via farming Setekh Wenut, a new boss with a level requirement of 30 or higher.

Nagadus Emeralds

The Nagadus Emerald jewels must be used to advance any Dendro character. These jewels are dropped by the Jadeplume Terrorshroom and Dendro Hypostasis, however, players may also buy Dust of Azoth from the Stardust Exchange and replace other types of jewels.

Talent Ascension Materials

Teachings of Ingenuity, Guide to Ingenuity, and Philosophies of Ingenuity are all Alhaitham’s ascension books, and you can get them all on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from the Steeple of Ignorance domain.

Additionally, a Mirror of Mushin is needed, which can be acquired from the Joururi Workshop domain’s weekly boss Shouki no Kami. You can earn a Crown of Insight during time-limited events, which is required to level up each level 10 skill to level ten.

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Best Alhaitham Weapon

He is rather simple to build thanks to his “Mysteries Laid Bare” passive, which increases the damage of his burst and projection strikes in accordance with his elemental mastery. Players should focus on increasing their damage when building him.

Alhaitham’s finest weapon in Genshin Impact, as with the majority of signatures, is the 5-Star Light of Foliar Incision sword. Alhaitham increases normal attack and elemental skill damage by 120% of elemental mastery and increases crit damage and rate while dealing elemental damage with a regular attack. This Foliar Incision effect, which lasts for 12 seconds or 28 damage instances, is brought on by Alhaitham’s Dendro-infused assaults.

Best Alhaitham Artifacts

Deepwood Memories, a series of Dendro artifacts, should be harvested by players. Two pieces boost Dendro damage by 15% when foes are struck by a burst or a skill, while four pieces reduce Dendro resistance by 30% for eight seconds. For a character who relies so heavily on Dendro-infused assaults, this is surprisingly potent.

The 4-piece Gilded Dreams set is another alternative Artifact collection. Since this set will increase Alhaitham’s level of elemental mastery by 80 and increase his attack, players should provoke an elemental reaction as frequently as they can.

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