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Review of FBI Season 5 Episode 9: “Fortunate Son”

The tale moves along steadily in FBISeason 5 Episode 9, “Fortunate Son,” yet our characters disintegrate in the end.

As they mention Nina’s pregnancy numerous times, the episode centers on Scola and then Nina.

Cats in the Cradle 

The story revolves around a father who gets shot and then asks his son to hide his narcotics after [checks notes].

It’s a pretty relaxed FBI fall finale.

A deadbeat father who trades drugs and manipulates his son into helping him without even telling him that’s what he’s doing is portrayed by Will Sasso of Vine fame.

It’s a heartwarming episode because we get to see things from the son’s perspective, who is pleading with his father to prioritize him and deal with the fallout from his father being a true narcissist.

Additionally, we get to witness more of Scola and Nina debating how to raise their unborn child, and that is… something.

Daddy Lessons
FBI Season 5 Episode 9

My main issue with this episode is that, despite the fact that they provided us with several Nina episodes, some of which even had some backstories, they didn’t offer us enough information to determine whether or not this is out of character for Nina.

That much is true: the request is intriguing. At the beginning of the episode, she is adamant that she wants to raise the child by herself, but in the conclusion, she is eager to discuss baby names with Scola.

Nina’s choice makes some sense, but given that she and Scola split amicably, it’s… intriguing.

It makes sense for Nina to want to be in charge of her life and that of her unborn child, but it is quite perplexing how quickly she was able to change her mind and agree to go out to dinner and discuss the names of her unborn child.

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Daddy Issues

The disturbing part of the episode’s conclusion is when Scola had to comfort the grieving son after having to watch someone’s death.

It’s not surprising that he would feel that way, but I wish we had seen more of him discussing it with Tiff rather than simply letting it go.

I really wish we had seen him addressing this with anyone else on the team, but when he speaks to Nina, he is fully there, which is what they both need.

He made the correct choice, though, and even though I despise haphazard pregnancy plotlines, particularly on procedurals like FBI, I hope we get to see Scola and Nina become parents.

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Zibell in the Backseat

Even though it was frustrating to watch Maggie thrust into the spotlight given how soon she would return, the amazing story itself justifies it.

Anyone would understand that Scola is designed to be both a father and an agent.

Isobel’s willingness to even place a child in the middle of gunfire is alarming, but it only makes me want to find out more about her.

Although Nina and Scola’s situation is crazy, “Fortunate Son” is a very good FBI episode.

Stray Thoughts
  • I am not a drug expert but I would like a fact check on whether or not breaking open that bag of Fentanyl would’ve killed every agent on the premises. 
  • “My dad will listen to me!” My brother in Christ, your dad just gave his teenage son drugs to look after. I would not bet on that. 
  • Tiff knowing that Nina is pregnant is so special, and I only wish we’d gotten to see Scola tell her about it. 
  • I hope they name the boy Stuart so he becomes a Jr. and they can call him Stuart Little. 


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