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Fact Checking Policy

In an effort to provide readers with accurate headlines, we put every news piece through a rigorous vetting process before it is published on the site. Rumors and insider reports are clearly labeled as such so that our readers may distinguish between actual news and the more titillating form of business gossip.

Before each article is published, we make sure that all of our sources are up-to-date and trustworthy. All information is double-checked by returning to the original source before any writing is started (and references, if necessary). Other media outlets may claim something as confirmed, but we won’t accept anything less than 100 percent assurance.

We will not release a story for the sake of generating interest. Though we may use bold language in our headlines, we never generalize simply for the sake of generalizing. It needs to be fact-checked extensively and held to high standards of accuracy. Read a piece on Imm3rsive, and you won’t just get a rundown of recent events; you’ll also get expert analysis of the news and opinion on why it matters.

The writers here at Imm3rsive.com come from a variety of backgrounds in the entertainment industry, but they all work toward the same goal: giving our readers the best, most engaging content we can produce.

Because of the expertise of our authors and editors, you can rest assured that each new piece will be timely, accurate, and full of useful information. When we are the first to report on something, we follow all of the accepted journalistic protocols.