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When Is National Boyfriend Day? Everything you need to know!

The third of October is National Boyfriend Day. The purpose of this day is to express your love for your boyfriend. Today, February 13, is National Boyfriend Day, a day set aside to celebrate the wonderful ways in which you and your boyfriend enrich each other’s lives.

When Is National Boyfriend Day 2022?

On October 3, we honor our boyfriends with National Boyfriend Day. National Girlfriend Day is observed by some every year on August 1.

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History of National Boyfriend Day

when is national boyfriend day

We’re going to make 2020 the year when National Boyfriend Day becomes a bona fide phenomenon. Everything we know about this day comes from the internet. The first mention of Boyfriend Day that we could find was on October 4, 2014. But by March of 2016, the day had over 46,000 tweets, suggesting it was gaining traction.

There is no one person or organization that can take credit for creating this significant holiday, but someone obviously saw the need for a day to celebrate boyfriends and ran with it. The question is, why not? A special day set aside for gal pals!

Every year on August 1st, we commemorate National Girlfriends Day. The novel “Girlfriends Getaway,” written by Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield, was released in 2002, and this day was created to promote the book. For the uninitiated,

Girlfriends Day is an excuse to celebrate female friendship by spending time with your gal pals or, for the dudes, by spoiling the woman who has always been there for you. Show your appreciation with thoughtful presents, an unforgettable experience, or some more time together.

The celebration of National Boyfriend Day is on the rise, not just in the United States but around the world. Let’s continue this tradition so that wonderful boyfriend can receive the yearly recognition they deserve.

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A Dual Celebration

The fact that National Boyfriend Day exists at all is a testament to the success of National Girlfriend Day, which was established originally as a day for female friends to have a party and spend time together.

The original intent of the festival has morphed through time into a celebration of both romantic and platonic relationships between friends and loved ones.

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This is why we think it’s important to point out that celebrating National Boyfriend Day doesn’t have to be limited to expressing feelings of devotion to one’s male romantic partner. Expressing your gratitude to male friends is very acceptable. To sum up, you may still enjoy National Boyfriend Day even if you don’t have a romantic boyfriend.

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