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Zatanna The Dc Comics Movie on HBO Max Is Canceled!

Everyone is currently unaware of DC’s current film schedule, however, a new notice from The Hollywood Reporter claims that their planned Zatanna film is no longer happening at HBO Max. Dwayne Johnson Fought for Henry Cavill to Play Black Adam, According to a Report

It was mentioned in a profile on the next plans for the DC universe at Warner Bros. Discovery that J.J. Abrams’ planned projects for HBO Max, Constantine, and Zatanna—the latter of which was supposed to be created by Promising Young Woman writer/director Emerald Fennell—were canceled. According to the source, both projects are currently being pitched to other broadcasters, although it is currently unclear where they will end up.

DC’s Zatanna Movie

THR reports that Abrams is still in discussions with DC about other projects, but nothing is official as of yet. The change is the latest in a string of changes and project cuts that Warner Bros. Discovery has been making behind the scenes. It’s unclear exactly what the future holds for DC as a whole on its streaming services as the studio attempts to return to the world of big, theatrical features.

The Rock surprises fans and a new Black Adam trailer will be released this week. In the Hawkman comic book in November 1964, Zatanna Zatara—a character created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson—made her debut.

She is the offspring of Giovanni Zatara, a well-known stage magician who made his theatrical debut in the heyday of comic books. It goes without saying that Zatanna inherited his father’s magical abilities and his work as a stage magician. Her remarkable abilities include the capacity for telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and reality manipulation.

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