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When Will the Rookie Season 5 Be on Hulu? Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know About the Crime Drama!

The fifth season of The Rookie, an American crime drama television series, is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on September 25, 2022. The sitcom was conceived for ABC by Alexi Hawley, and it was produced by ABC Signature in collaboration with Entertainment One.

The protagonist of the series is a middle-aged man named John Nolan, who is given the distinction of being the oldest rookie in the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. The fifth season of The Rookie will be available on Hulu beginning September 26, 2022.

The series is based on the real-life experiences of William Norcross, who served as a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. It was created by ABC Signature in collaboration with Entertainment One. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 and was already in his 40s when he started working for the department.

What Is the Release Date of The Rookie Season 5?

Hulu will broadcast the fifth season of The Rookie on September 25, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.

What Is the Rookie Season 5 About?

when will the rookie season 5 be on hulu

The Rookie Season 5, an ABC drama, differentiates itself from other shows in the genre by not only adapting high-profile cases but also concentrating on the personal lives of law enforcement officers and detectives working in the city of Los Angeles. This drama series, which is based on a real-life event, has quickly become ABC’s most-watched program.

A guy named John Nolan, who is in his forties, comes to the conclusion that he would want to go to Los Angeles and work for the Los Angeles Police Department after going through the challenging experience of being a victim of a bank robbery.

His watch commander, Sergeant Wade Grey, as well as the Training Officer, have reservations about him (Talia Bishop). Others, such as Lucy Chen and Jackson West, also join him as rookie policemen in the police force. In addition to this, Lucy Chen is now having an affair with Nolan, which puts her professional life in jeopardy.

For a man like John Nolan, who comes from a rural area and has already gone through a lot of trouble, starting again from scratch is not going to be a walk in the park. It will be easier for him to begin a new chapter in his life if he draws on his previous experiences, puts in lots of effort, and keeps a sense of humor.

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Is There the Rookie Season 5 Trailer?

The fifth season of The Rookie now has an official teaser trailer available on Hulu.

The first few seconds of the trailer see certain actors praising Nolan for the heroic stance he takes at the end of Season 4. As a consequence of this, he has been provided with the opportunity to accept assignments of any choice within the LAPD, and Bradford recommends that he take on the role of an Airs Support Officer.

The decision as to whether or not Nolan will pursue that particular line of work has been put in the hands of the users. There are also some really passionate encounters between Bradford and Chen that are seen.

The teaser also features Rosalind Dyer, a guest character who debuted in Season 2 and was subsequently found guilty of homicides and had to pay a fee for her actions.

What happened in the previous seasons of The Rookie Season 5?

The Rookie Season 1 Review

when will the rookie season 5 be on hulu

When the first season begins, John Nolan has just graduated from the police school and has been given an assignment to the Mid-Wilshire division along with two other rookies who have also been given assignments there. The conclusion of this season finds Nolan in the field with his trainer officer, who is set to take a training assessment exam. The outcome of this test will determine whether or not Nolan, Jackson West, and Lucy Chen will be able to continue working at the department.

Fortunately, Nolan and two other rookies have all completed the training assessment exam, the results of which were determined by how well they performed during the training.

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The Rookie Season 2 Review

when will the rookie season 5 be on hulu

The second season comes to a close with a warning that they will soon face more strain and heightened scrutiny as they draw closer to the completion of their training.

A dishonest police officer by the name of Nick Armstrong frames John Nolan, and as a consequence of the investigation, Nolan is forced to continue participating in the FTO program for an additional month without leaving the program with West and Chen.

Because West and Chen graduated from the FTO program ahead of Nolan, both of them have already participated in a few of P2 missions (police officer ll). Whereas Nolan is still holding out hope that the last month of his training will soon be completed.

And Lopez has been elevated to the position of Detective (in addition to discovering that she is pregnant)

Angela was supposed to be there for her wedding to Wesley, but she went missing on the day of the ceremony. Well, she didn’t quite vanish, but she was taken hostage by a drug dealer who had been arrested by the LAPD in the past, evaded capture, and is now seeking vengeance.

The Rookie Season 3 Review

when will the rookie season 5 be on hulu

In season 3, after Lopez was promoted to Detective and she found out she was pregnant, she now planned on marrying her fiance James Murray and working with Angela Lopez in the detective’s bullpen to limit the hazards to her pregnancy.

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The Rookie Season 4 Review

when will the rookie season 5 be on hulu

Angela is being kept as a hostage by La Fiera when the fourth season of NCIS: Los Angeles begins. Sergeant Grey and the rest of the LAPD team immediately begin working to find Angela and free her. During the search for Angela, a suspect who was responsible for the death of one of their cops was apprehended.

Nolan is now free to pursue a romantic connection with Bailey after completing the FTO program (played by Jenna Dewan).

Nolan gets promoted to P2 at the end of Season 4, and he is also chosen as the representative for the police union at that time. This turns out to be problematic for him, as the leader of the police union takes offense to his acts as a rep and retaliates against him.

It appears that Nolan will not be able to fulfill his goal of becoming a Training Officer — at least not right away. After learning that his girlfriend Bailey is still married to an abusive spouse, he and Bailey work together to have the man arrested and seek a divorce from Bailey.

What Happened in The Final Episode of The Rookie Season 4?

On the other side, Angela and Wesley are ecstatic about the arrival of their son into the world.

Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) and Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) taking their friendship to the next level was one of the things that fans of The Rookie Season 4 were most looking forward to seeing, and the last episode of the season delivered on that promise. After four seasons of waiting, it now appears like the pair may have a chance at a future together.

On the other hand, neither one of them seems willing to acknowledge that they have affection for the other. Because of the sentiments they have for one another, it is possible that their cover mission may be compromised as a result of these feelings.

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Who is The Rookie Season 5 cast?

  • Nathan Fillion as John Nolan 
  • Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West 
  • Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen 
  • Eric Winter as Tim Bradford 
  • Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez 
  • Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper 
  • Jenna Dewan as Bailey Nune
  • Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers
  • Tru Valentino as Aaron Thorsen
  • Lisseth Chavez as Celina Juarez

How are the fans reviewing The Rookie Season 5 on social media?

Reasons to watch The Rookie Season 5

  • If you’re into action, crime, and police shows, then this one’s perfect for you to watch. 
  • Did Breaking Bad’s local methamphetamine drug trade fascinate you? Well, The Rookie does include encounters with drug users and its dealer, in short, Profession Criminals. 
  • If investigation series like CSI intrigues you, then give The Rookie a shot! 
  • Passionate about joining the police force? This show acts as a guide on how one must behave as an officer when taking orders from their superiors, handling weapons, and how to react when faced with a certain situation. Also, what are some of the scenarios where you can and can not break protocols. 

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