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When Was Khloe Kardashian Son Born? After the Tristan Thompson Paternity Scandal, Khloé Kardashian Gives the World Its First Look at Their Newborn Son

During the debut of the second season of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, Khloé Kardashian revealed a personal video from the delivery of her second child.

On July 28th, the reality star, who is 38 years old, gave birth to a boy. His name has not yet been made public, but his mother has dropped hints that it starts with a “T.”

This is the woman’s second kid with her ex-boyfriend, the NBA star Tristan Thompson; the couple already has a daughter together who is 4 years old and is named True.

Kim Kardashian used a hand-held camera to take video inside the hospital, which she later uploaded to her website. In the footage, she shows her sister holding the baby shortly after it was born through a surrogate.

when was khloe kardashian son born

“I am so grateful. During the course of the show, Khloé remarked that the opportunity to have a child was “such a wonderful gift.”

In addition to that, she was candid about the challenges that she has faced over the course of the previous several months.

She ended her relationship with Tristan Thompson in December 2021, shortly after it became public knowledge that Thompson had a kid with a fitness model named Maralee Nichols. Following the filing of a paternity case against Thompson by Nichols, the news became public.

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The discussion between Khloé and Kim, which took place during the final minutes of the first season of “The Kardashians” and was filmed on camera, took place shortly after Khloé had learned of this development in December and was overcome with astonishment.

Khloé disclosed in the opening episode of Season Two, which debuted on Thursday, that there was additional information about her chat with Kim that she had not previously discussed.

Khloé claims that she told her sister only days before allegations of Thompson’s alleged adultery broke that she and Thompson had been making efforts to welcome another kid through surrogacy. After requesting Kim to take their call off the speaker, Khloé says she then gave her sister this information.

Khloé spoke the following words: “I informed her, I said, we had an embryo transfer a few of days ago.”

It was at this point when Kim learned of their intentions to start a family, and while she was on the phone, she was heard exclaiming, “Oh my God.”

Khloé extended an invitation to Thompson to meet their son after he had been delivered, despite the fact that Thompson was not present during the delivery of their child.

“I have been on the edge about whether or not I should have Tristan come to the hospital, but Tristan wants to be here, so I simply decided, why not let him come? “I’ll never have this time again,” she muttered to herself.

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The designer for Good American has stated that she is concentrating her efforts now on taking pleasure in her role as a mother of two children.

She replied, “Ever since December, it’s been this gloomy cloud towering over me,” and that’s exactly what had been happening.

“I’ve been feeling unhappy and sad every single day, but now that my baby is here, I get to move on with my life, and I get to enjoy it.” It’s almost like I get to close that chapter and be done with this trauma and put it behind me

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