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When Is the Big Brother Finale 2022? Big Brother Season 24 Is Coming in September 2022

There will be only two more episodes of Big Brother until the season 24 finale. The $750,000 grand prize can only be won by one houseguest. The air date of the series finale can be found here.

It’s been quite a ride throughout Big Brother’s 24th season. Staying in the game is crucial for the remaining houseguests, who are all gunning for a $750,000 grand prize. Who do you think will emerge victorious? Find out when the last episode will air here. The program is available on fuboTV (free trial in the US).

A full ten weeks have passed since we first entered the home, and there have been weekly evictions the entire time. A person’s entire game might be derailed by a single faux pas, such as insensitive remarks. Everything was on the table this season, and soon we’ll find out who took home the trophy and who was the fan favorite.

Voters in the United States select their favorite houseguest, but the Jury decides the season winner. Joseph, Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Terrance, and Michael, all of whom have been evicted, are currently serving as jurors and are being held in seclusion in a different residence.

When Is the Big Brother 24 Finale?

when is the big brother finale 2022

Screen Rant predicts the Big Brother finale, airing on September 25 at 8 PM (ET), will last for two hours and be broadcast live. In addition, to host Julie Chen Moonves, the Jury members will likely cast their ballots for the winner.

Seasons of Big Brother have typically concluded on Wednesdays, so this year’s finale airing on a Sunday is a bit of a departure. After attorney Xavier Prather won the previous season, he made history as the first black contestant to ever take home the grand prize. It would be easy for Taylor or Monte to duplicate his methods.

Keep in mind that in the United States, you can watch the show for free for seven days on fuboTV or watch the live feeds on Paramount+. Look here for Big Brother spoilers if you want to know what’s happening now.

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Big Brother Season 24 Cast

when is the big brother finale 2022

True to form, the season 24 cast was not revealed until the very last minute. A total of sixteen contestants have entered the Big Brother house, despite the dangers that lurk within.

We have all the details you could possibly want about the competitors. Get to know the contestants of Big Brother!

Alyssa Snider

Ameerah Jones

Brittany Hoopes

Daniel Durston

Indy Santos

Jasmine Davis

Joseph Abdin

Taylor Hale

Kyle Capener

Matt Turner

Michael Bruner

Monte Taylor

Nicole Layog

Terrance Higgins 

Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli

Paloma Aguilar

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Big Brother Season 24 Episode Recaps

Episode 22

when is the big brother finale 2022

Joseph is kicked out of the Leftover Alliance, which is bad news for them. But no amount of persuasion on his part convinced Terrance that Kyle shouldn’t be trusted. Even more surprisingly, Turner joined the majority in voting to send Joseph home. While this is going on, Jasmine, one of the other houseguests, is also kicked out of Big Brother.

The remaining members of the Leftover Alliance are disappointed to see Joseph eliminated from the game as the house’s two camps come back together. Kyle’s plotting and scheming appear to have painted a target on his back for upcoming episodes.

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Episode 23

when is the big brother finale 2022

Terrance, Alyssa, Kyle, and Turner have formed an alliance and, as soon as the house is reunited, they begin to craft their story about why they voted Joseph out of the house. They made an effort to have him portrayed as “acting insane.” Brochella’s Leftover Alliance, however, isn’t buying the BS and now views the upcoming HOH battle as a must-win.

The housemates’ HOH competition this week involves stacking tiny cans with a large pair of tweezers. Turner’s victory and subsequent appointment as HOH is a major setback for the Leftovers Alliance. In the end, Turner puts up Brittany and Taylor as his eviction nominees.

Can Brittany count on Michael to win the next Veto task and spare her from elimination? Or, perhaps, Taylor will take the victory and let herself off the hook once more. We’ll have to hold our breath and watch what happens.

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